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Mark Ingram 2019 Fantasy Football Outlook

By Q

Mark Ingram will be the worst starting fantasy football running back in the AFC north mark my words. Mark Ingram is 29 and will turn 30 this season he is bound to hit a wall or maybe he already has?

Last season Ingram finished with 645 yards on 138 attempts with 6 touchdowns. He also caught 21 of 27 passes for 170 yards and one score. Granted he was Behind Kamara and was suspended for four games, but his numbers simply where not good. He finished as a RB 1 or 2 (top 24) only 33.33% of the time. Ingram finished as a RB 3 and 4, 33.33% of the time respectively. Ingram killed you if he was in your lineup in 2018 and this will only continue in 2019.

The Ravens want to run the football and all their offseason moves have showed us they want to and will run the football in 2019. Lamar Jackson could easily be the leading rusher on this team or at the very least rush for dang near 1000 yards. In Jackson’s 7 starts he ran 147 times for 695 yards. That’s right in 7 games Lamar Jackson ran the ball more times than Mark Ingram so maybe you should draft Lamar as your Ravens running back?

If Lamar Jackson somehow doesn’t get injured in 2019, he will rush 200 times and have close to or over 1,000 yards. Don’t forget the Ravens still have Gus Edwards who ran the ball 137 times for 718 yards and only 2 touchdowns. Gus Edwards in this Ravens offense as the number two had more yards than Ingram last year. The Ravens also drafted rookie running back Justice Hill out of Oklahoma State University. Hill has electric speed and allusiveness. I truly believe Hill could usurp Ingram by the end of 2019 or at the very least could be the starter heading into 2020.

Mark Ingram is currently being drafted as the 22nd running back off the board at the 4.05. Last year Ingram finished as the number 28 running back and was drafted as the number 23 running back. You might be thinking but this year he will play 16 and be a workhorse he must finish ahead of 22?! That is where I disagree. I think if Mark Ingram gets 16-20+ touches a game he will finish as an RB 2. I don’t think he will get that many touches a game. I think it is much more likely the Ravens go to a running back by committee and Ingram gets 10-14 touches a game, Edwards gets 7-11 touches a game, and Hill gets 2-6 touches a game. Mark Ingram is getting older and there is younger talent that can replace him, I would recommend you pass on him.

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