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Nick Chubb 2019 Fantasy Football Outlook

By Q

Nick Chubb is entering his second year in the NFL and is one of the best young running backs in the NFL right now. He is someone who if he finished top 5 in 2019, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The Cleveland Browns offense is going to be even better than it was in 2018. The Browns could be in some situations where they are running the clock out in the 4th quarter with Chubb and he has some big games. In 2018 Nick Chubb didn’t start until week 7, once he got the starting job, he was a beast. Even though Chubb didn’t start until week 7 he still finished as the 16th running back in .5 PPR with 996 yards on 192 attempts and 8 touchdowns. Chubb also caught 20 of 29 targets for 149 yards and 2 touchdowns. If you give Chubb another 6 games of starting work, he could be a 1,300-yard guy and score 10+ touchdowns.

Chubb in 2018 was one of the most consistent running backs in all of football. From weeks 7-16 Chubb was a RB 1, 50% of the time and a RB 1 or 2, 75% of the time. In 2018 Nick Chubb was drafted as the 44th running back off the board at the 10.02. If you drafted him and stashed him until week 7 you probably won a lot of games. You got RB 1 production from the 44th RB off the board. This year he is being drafted as the 13th running back off the board at the 2.08. This is good value for him. I think drafting him here is a good call you could start your team off with an elite top 5 running back and Nick Chubb who finishes as a RB 1 more times than not. This is something I would eat up if it came to me.

There one last thing to discuss with Nick Chubb and that is what will happen when Kareem Hunt returns in week 10. You shouldn’t be drafting Hunt you will get him for at most 6 games. If you draft him you will have to burn a roster spot for so long and who says he is guaranteed to get a work load once he comes back. Hunt will have not played in over a year, won’t be with the team until week 10. That’s 10 weeks of development and chemistry that Hunt will lose out on while he is away. Nick Chubb will get 10 full weeks to show he is the guy in Cleveland. Hunt is not going to come in and take a workload from Chubb. He might get a series or two, but that’s it, Chubb might lose 2-6 carries a game, and I am still okay with him on my roster. By week 10 you can have an insurance plan for if Chubb does lose significant work before the playoffs start. Nick Chubb is safe to me and someone who might fall on some draft boards in home leagues because of the fear of Kareem Hunt. Don’t fear Hunt he will not be a threat and if I am wrong and he comes in and they split 50/50 or he gets a majority of the work have an insurance policy with another guy, not Kareem Hunt.

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