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Tyler Boyd 2019 Fantasy Football Outlook

Tyler Boyd had a major breakout season last year. Heading into 2018 Tyler Boyd wasn’t on a ton of people’s radars and then he finished as the number 17 WR on the season. Usually, players who break out on a scale like Boyd get over drafted the following season. This is not the case for Tyler Boyd.

Many people believe his breakout was do to A.J. Green being inactive, but this was not the case. Boyd was actually 5 points per game better when A.J. Green Played. The Cincinnati Bengals have a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator, and a whole new offense. I discussed on our NFL Coaching Changes and the Fantasy Football Impact Part 1 episode

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that Tyler Boyd could play a similar role to Cooper Kupp in the Rams offense.

Cooper Kupp was a beast when he played in 2018. In his 8 games he averaged 5 targets for 70.75 yards and .75 touchdowns a game. That is a solid stat line, especially for someone you would be drafting as a WR 3. Tyler boyd is currently the 28th WR off the board at the 6.08, and at that draft price I will be buying him and having him in a lot of leagues.

In 2018 Tyler Boyd caught 76 of 108 targets for 1,028 yards and 7 touchdowns. Boyd finished as a WR 1, 35.71% of the time and a WR 1 or 2, 57.14% of the time.

D.J. Moore is being selected as the WR 27 and finished as a WR 1 or 2 only 12.5% of the time. Sammy Watkins is the 26th WR off the board and finished as a WR 1 or 2, 30% of the time. When Tyler Boyd and A.J. Green played together they where both top 24 wide receivers. A.J. Green is back and healthy, this very easily could be a 1a, 1b type of receiving corps in Cincinnati. Tyler Boyd is bound to continue his breakout and has the ability to be a top 15 guy.

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