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The Most Underrated Quarterback of the Draft

This new stock of rookie quarterbacks looks interesting to say the least. Despite many labeling them as a weak draft class, 4 of the 11 Quarterbacks selected are expected to take up the starting job for their teams. If not right off the bat, then after they gain some wisdom from the veteran on their roster. Those four signal-callers are obviously Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, Drew Lock, and Daniel Jones. Though I contend that if there was another rookie quarterback who will make a couple starts for their team, I would have to go with Gardner Minshew.

First off, what a moustache. Second off, I know it seems a little out there to not go with a QB that was taken higher like Will Grier or Ryan Finley or the more prolific Trace McSorley, but I’m going with Minshew. I was surprised after the season that Gardner Minshew put together in 2018 that he was not really talked about in preparation of the NFL draft. He was second in passing yards, only behind Haskins, and completed the most passes out of any FBS quarterback last year. Many can come to the conclusion that he had the most completed passes because he also led the FBS in pass attempts, but I’d also like to counter that by the fact that he had a 70.7 completion percentage. A completion percentage good enough for second and only behind a quarterback with less than half his completions, attempts, and touchdowns all the while having one more interception than Minshew (all statistics according to

I also believe he is in a good position down in Jacksonville. Despite Nick Foles being almost guaranteed to start, I wouldn’t be surprised if he slumps back into the Nick Foles we saw after his first departure from Philadelphia. Either Foles starts to slump or gets injured and Minshew has to replace him like he replaced Carson Wentz, I would be looking for Gardner in my fantasy leagues free agent pool. Despite the Jaguars having a letdown year last season after making it to the AFC championship the season prior, they still have a solid team. Especially with offensive skill positions being occupied by young talent like Leonard Fournette, Marqise Lee, and Dede Westbrook, this is a team I think can jump back and make the AFC south the most competitive in the NFL. So, being on this young, but talented squad could really help Minshew’s production. I also believe in the kids abilities, even though I usually don’t go for players who only had one good year in college, there’s something different about this guy. Maybe it’s the stache?

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