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Davante Adams 2019 Fantasy Outlook

Davante Adams will finish as the #1 fantasy WR! Here’s why:

So, you’re draft is starting up and you load into the draft lobby and you realize you have the 7th pick and you have to decide between a back half running back or an elite top 3 wide receiver. Who are you going to chose? Le’Veon Bell or Davante Adams? The choice here is a simple one. You should chose Davante Adams.

Davante Adams in 2018 had his best year yet and I believe he will continue to grow and improve going into 2019. In 2018 Davante Adams caught 111 of 169 targets for 1,386 yards and 13 touchdowns. In .5 PPR leagues Adams finished 3rd in overall points, but in points per game he finished 1st. Adams averaged 18.3 fantasy points per game and the guy who is being drafted as the number one wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins averaged 17.2 fantasy points per game.

Davante Adams finished second in targets, only one target behind Julio Jones. He finished fifth in receptions, seventh in yards, and second in touchdowns.

Not only did Adams finish so high in all of those metrics he was also the NFL’s most consistent fantasy wide receiver. Adams finished as a wide receiver one 53.33% of the time. Which was 10% higher than Hopkins.

Adams finished as a top 24 wide receiver 93.33% of the time which is 7 percent higher than the number 1 wide receiver in 2018 and 20% higher than the wide receiver 1 in 2017.

Davante Adams is someone who people think he doesn’t have big play potential but keep in mind all the stats mentioned above came in a season where Aaron Rodgers was hurt and in a bad offense. I think the head coaching change and Rodgers being 100% healthy will only help Adams. I think he can go up from what he did last year and finish as the number one wide receiver. He might not get you many 30 point games but you can play him week in and week out and take another wide receiver that is more boom bust.

Davante Adams will finish as the #1 fantasy WR! Here’s why:

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