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Top 5 Trades That Might Happen Before The Trade Deadline

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Trades happen every single year in the NFL. In this article we will analyse 5 potential trades that could happen before the trade deadline and really shake up the league...

Wait, WHO could get traded?

Trades happen every single year in the NFL. In this article we will analyse 5 potential trades that could happen before the trade deadline and really shake up the league.

Trent Williams to the Texans

Much of the Texans offseason has been spent trying to protect franchise QB Deshaun Watson and help him stay clean and upright in the pocket. In 2018 Watson was the most pressured QB in the NFL with 62 sacks, which ranks as the 5th most sacks taken in an NFL season.

Given that Watson is a transcendent talent with some injury concerns, keeping him safe is of the utmost importance. Because of these issues, the Texans drafted OT Tytus Howard in the 1st round and OT Max Scharping in the 2nd round. However, these two players might take a little bit of time to really get up to speed in the NFL and this team is in a championship window with Watson still on his rookie contract. If the price is right, bringing the 31 year old Redskin to play for a few seasons and help coach up the young OL could yield amazing profits if the price is right.

Melvin Gordon to the Buccaneers

As one of the two stud bellcow running backs to be holding out during the preseason, the Melvin Gordon situation has been well chronicled. Gordon wants money on par with Todd Gurley and Le’Veon Bell, but the Chargers aren’t quite willing to pay that much for a back who hadn’t averaged over 4 YPC until last season and has only rushed for 1000 yards once in his career.

It appears that the situation may be at an impasse, and Gordon and the Chargers might be heading for a messy divorce. Enter the Buccaneers. Virtually none of the Buccaneers RBs have shown a whole lot of anything in the preseason. If Bruce Arians wants to pull off a similar feat in Tampa that he did in Arizona, then he knows he will need a run game. If Gordon’s contract demands of more than $10 million a year are true, then the Buccaneers might be one of the few teams that can afford that in the near future, as they have over $55 million in cap space in 2020. The contract would need some fine tuning and an interesting setup, but establishing the run is a necessity in the modern game.

Jadaveon Clowney to the Seahawks

In the wake of the predraft trade of Frank Clark to KC, the days of the Seahawks pass rush being a vaunted and feared unit are over. Currently the projected starters for the Seahawks D-line include former Lion Ziggy Ansah, rookie 1st rounder LJ Collier, and former 49er Cassius Marsh. That little talent on the D-line simply will not do, and the Seahawks would be wise to make moves to improve their defense.

With Clowney, the hype surrounding him before being selected 1st overall might actually have come back to bite him. Seen as a generational talent since high school, the legend of Clowney grew and grew until it was seen that he was a very whelming player. Don’t get me wrong, Clowney is a top tier player in the league and deserves his payday, but he has not become the elite pass rushing partner to JJ Watt that the Texans had hoped for.

Clowney could use a change of scenery from Houston to Seattle, along with a change in defensive schemes that may allow him to be the best version of himself. From a cap perspective, the Seahawks have $20 million in cap space right now and will have $60 million in 2020 and are thus in a more than capable spot to sign him long term once they trade for him.

Solomon Thomas to the Bengals

While Clowney might have been whelming, Solomon Thomas has certainly underwhelmed since picked 3rd overall in 2017. Since entering the league, Thomas has only recorded 4 sacks, 13 TFL, 72 total tackles, and a fumble recovery. These are not numbers you’d necessarily hope for out of a top 5 pick, but the context is also very important.

Thomas has been forced to spend a large amount of his time on the edge, which really doesn’t compliment his skills as a DT. Unfortunately, given that the depth chart ahead of him in the D-line rotation includes DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, Nick Bosa, and Dee Ford, it appears that the amount of snaps Thomas will have in 2019 is going to significantly decrease.

Much like the 49ers, the Bengals have an elite pairing of DTs in Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins, which would normally pose a similar issue in those snap counts. However, both Dunlap and Atkins are on the wrong side of 30 and are most likely on the back 9 of their careers. If the Bengals can add a young, talented DT to help keep Dunlap and Atkins fresh and potentially playing longer, then they absolutely need to make the moves to make that possible.

Patrick Peterson to the Chiefs

A commonly expected trade during the 2018 season, the situation got complicated by Patrick Petersons 6 game suspension for PEDs going into the 2019 season. Much disgruntled by the Cardinals train wreck of a season that led to them gaining the first overall pick, Peterson requested a trade following the rough start to the season.

He eventually pulled that request out and apologized to the fans, but allegedly he still has his issues with front office executives. In virtually every facet, he would make an absolutely ideal player to trade for. He is under contract for the next two years for an average of $11.5 million, which is well below his current market value.

Additionally, the veteran leadership he provides as well as the prior partnership with the other stalwart of the secondary Tyrann Mathieu makes this a dream come true. If the Chiefs are able to acquire the All Pro CB, then they immediately become the favorite to win the Super Bowl.

Wait, WHO could get traded?

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