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David Johnson Fantasy Outlook

When you think of David Johnson, you think, “wow he was so good during that 2016 season!” After though, you then think “wow he screwed me in 2017… and disappointed me in 2018.” 2019 is a new season, and for Johnson, things should start point back up to the good times. We are here to breakdown David Johnson, and how he could be back as one of the top running backs in fantasy by the end of the season.  

Lets begin with the good times in 2016; where in 15 games he averaged 75 running yards, and just under one touchdown a game. He also showed his receiving ability by averaging 5.1 receptions a game with 57 yards per game. He had turned into one of the biggest dual threat running backs in the league. He finished first among RBs in fantasy points, and averaged 23 points per game. He probably helped led you to your championships.  

His 2016 break through led to him being the first player drafted in most leagues going into the 2017 season. After just 11 carries into his first game, he dislocated his wrist and required 3 months of surgery, basically ending his season. Leaving many owners angry and at a lost. 

Fresh off an injury, 2017 season, Johnson was looking to get back on track in 2018.  Unfortunately for him, he came back to a team that had one of the worst offenses in the league. Johnson had a lot against him, including the lack of a competent quarterback (a mix of Sam Bradford and Josh Rosen), and the worst ranked offensive lines in the league. They had 11 different starters in and out during the season. The offense averaged fewer yards per game (241.6) and points (225).  It would have been hard for any running back to have much success on this team. Despite the odds against him, David Johnson was still able to do something by finishing as running back 10 for the season.  His stats had taken a major dip, but he still averaged 58 rushing yards per game and 3 receptions per game with 27 receiving yards. Those stats aren’t great, but with how dysfunctional this team was, I’m surprised he was still able to do that. 

Things could only look up for Johnson now.  New head coach Kliff Kingsbury is an offense mind coach coming in with his air raid offense style. This scheme should focus on its star players (aka David Johnson), and will put him on track for many targets and carries for the new season.
The Cardinals are looking to be the team who plays the most snaps in the league and run this crazy fun new offense to the leagues’ best. New offense, flashy rookie quarterback, and new upgraded players all over the offense. Be ready for David Johnson to go nuts this year.  

Currently with all the running back holdouts, David Johnson is moving up to number 4 on most draft boards. He is one of those “high-risk high-reward” players still, but you know he is going to see the ball as much as possible, and he doesn’t have a backup waiting for him to regress.  I think it’s hard to go wrong with Johnson as you seen his floor at RB 10, and his ceiling is high to get back to being RB 1 in our fantasy leagues.  

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