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Was Drafting Aaron Jones a Mistake?

Was Drafting Aaron Jones a Mistake?

A disastrous Week One can often ruin a players morale, especially if they are incredibly hyped up. I was personally never big on Aaron Jones. His high ADP and status as a RB2 is really puzzling. He suffers from the hype brought on by high ceiling with good, but minimal flashes of that potential. These tend to be players who are becoming starters after one or two years of being a role player. Aaron Jones is the Packers full-time starter this season which means more carries, and more pressure. So, should Aaron Jones owners be panicking after a disappointing performance? Or is this a one off game where neither offenses could get moving. Let’s discuss!

What’s Jones Made Of?

Jones is a former fifth round pick out of UTEP. He tore up the field there, rushing for over 4000 yards in his career with 33 touchdowns to boot. Of course, decent running backs are a dime a dozen nowadays. So, what’s so special about Jones?

While he is certainly not the fastest (a 4.56 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine,) he is a dominant athlete. He is insanely shifty, which he proved by being the top performer in both 20 and 60 yard shuttles as well as the 3-cone drill. He has got insane hops, as he was a top performer in both broad and vertical jumps. These allow him to distance himself from other running backs as he has all the tools to lose defenders and go for big gains. Aaron Jones certainly can be an amazing rusher, but is he?

Well, neither. For now at least. We don’t have enough game film to see his true skill and whether or not he is developing for the better or wasting his potential. Now, what does this mean for fantasy owners? Basically, his hype is warranted, but it’s not a day one impact. If Aaron Jones is on your team, you aren’t likely to get RB2 production until later in the season. Dynasty owners however, have an absolute steal here. This is a guy who can be your RB1 next year and for the years beyond. The hype is very real, but is it too much?

Panic or Relax?

Believe me when I say, these guys are very aware of Fantasy Football. They know their standing and how their performances can affect anyone’s team. It can be used as a motivation factor, if they choose to take on that pride. However, disappointing performances are now more crushing. Not only are you letting down your team and fans. You are disappointing the millions of people who put faith in you to help them win. All of this sounds silly, but it’s true! Think about Le’veon Bell, he was drafted in the top five of almost every draft last year despite his possible holdout. He then proceeded to not play a single snap, which disappointed many. Now, this season he is letting everyone know he is going to play as best he can and help everyone who drafted him this year win a championship.

So, for Aaron Jones, he is most likely aware of his fantasy hype. As well as how disappointed everyone was when they played him last Thursday against the Bears. Now, I know some people will be instantly regretting taking a chance on Jones so early in their drafts. However, this is not a call for panic. Every star has an off game. Neither teams’ offense was very productive either. Jones is most likely going to have a slow start. As the season progresses he will most definitely develop and refine his game. This in turn, will up his production significantly. Should he have been a fifth round pick and be either your RB1 or RB2? No. There are better players at that position that can get you far in your league. Is he a 8th, 9th round draft and stash? Absolutely. His high ceiling gives him plenty of potential going forward especially if Green Bay gets hot at any point.

In short, Jones was a reach pick, but NOT a mistake. If you did reach for him, you shouldn’t panic, Aaron Jones will be a beast late in the season.

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Was Drafting Aaron Jones a Mistake?

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