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Dallas Cowboys 2019 Fantasy Outlook


Dallas Cowboys 2019 Fantasy Outlook

Game day is here, and Cowboy fans have something to be excited about, especially if you have some of their fantasy players. The Ezekiel Elliot contract dispute is over, the team is back together, and there is no drama in the locker room, not like what the Patriots must deal with right now. Here are some of the things to look forward to about the Cowboys fantasy wise.

Ezekiel Elliot

People have their own opinions about Elliott’s contract and was it worth it or right. The fact of the matter is he’s back and will be starting. Tony Pollard will be bumped down to 2nd string, but don’t disregard him yet. Even though Elliot fell in ADP in his holdout, people who did invest in him early in the draft won in the end. It was worth the investment when the threat of Elliot missing games, or the year, was in the air. But with Tony Pollards debut, fans and the organization won’t forget about him. I’m pretty sure they will use him in a major way.

He probably won’t be getting Elliot kind of carry’s, but they can use him to throw defenses off. That’s the best thing about having depth in your running back position when all your running backs can get a decent amount of carry’s. In the end, it might work in Tony Pollards favor with Zeke coming back opening more holes for him to run. You might see some break out plays. Both Zeke and Pollard are going to get great numbers behind their returning pro bowl veteran offensive linemen, especially with their starting center Travis Frederick returning after a long fight with Guillain–Barré syndrome. As far as fantasy value goes, Tony Pollard is still fantasy relevant.

Dak Presscott

Dak Prescott has a lot to look forward to with his receiving core this year. Allen Hurns was let go along with Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley. These weren’t bad receivers, but the new starters look even better. Amari Cooper’s back and will have some help to carry the load with. Randall Cobb has proven to be a decent receiver with a good quarterback, and Dak is a good quarterback when Cooper is playing.

We will see if he can build some chemistry with Cobb like Arron Rodgers did. He may not have the impressive stats, but he can help relive the pressure from Dak by giving him for options. We will wait and see what he can bring to his fantasy value.

Michael Gallup

Michael Gallup is the favorite among the receivers with Cooper. Gallup is going to be a great slot receiver and has shown flashes of it this preseason and last season. Gallup was able to bring in 33 reception for 507 yards last year not as a starter. That’s impressive. While it may not look as impressive when he was targeted 68 times and could only bring in less than half of that, that’s still a lot of targets for a non starter. With him starting, you will see a lot more targets and opportunities for him. If we was able to get 507 with just 33 catches as a non starter, imagine him as a starter as a slot receiver with him and Jason Witten are the saftey net.

Jason Witten

I’m very excited in the variety of great options Dak has available to him. But to top it off, Jason Witten is back. People have their doubt with his age and his year break, but reports have come out saying he looked good during training camp and practice. The future Hall of Famer helps relieve the pressure from Dak. He’s a great blocker and he’s the go to guy when the play fails, or pressure is coming. While the Cowboys have one of the best offensive lines, nobody’s perfect and sometimes pressure comes. And depending on their opponent’s defense, they might have the receivers on lock down. He’s the difference maker. The Cowboys didn’t have that same guy when he left for “retirement.” But now they do, and I highly encourage to pick him up.


The Cowboy’s defense has looked better than it ever has. It’s young and it’s full of depth. The preseason showed that. With Sean Lee, Leighton Vander Esch, and Jaylon Smith guiding the audibles, DeMarcus Lawrence rushing, and a great spread of defensive backs, this defense is like no other. I have never seen these many names and stars on one team besides the Legion of Boom. They are ranked #23 and are picked up low, if they are even picked up. They will be the sleeper defense this year biased on what they were able to do last year and the stars and depth they’ve added to their defense. Let’s not forget Robert Quinn is also on the team and serving his 4 game suspension, but will be back and added to their already beefed up defense.

The Cowboys look great. They have a better-looking offense than last year and a better defense. Any of these stars I called out are worth a pickup. They are young, they have talent, and there have been some coaching changes to go with it. I’d even put the Cowboys at number 5 this year with their defense at number 3. Don’t be surprised if they even become a top scoring team as well.

Dallas Cowboys 2019 Fantasy Outlook

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