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2019 Fantasy Football Week 1 Takeaways

2019 Fantasy Football Week 1 Takeaways

Week 1 of the 2019 fantasy football season almost in the books we will discuss 3 of my takeaways from Sunday’s games and how it applies to fantasy football moving forward. As happens in every season a lot of overreactions happen after week 1. This article will not be an overreaction piece but instead things to think about and build into your strategy moving forward.

1. Start Players Against the Miami Dolphins

We all knew the Dolphins would lose to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, but nobody expected what actually happened. The Ravens beat the Dolphins 59 to 10. Yep, that’s right a NFL team lost 59 to 10.

Lamar Jackson a “running back at the quarterback position” absolutely touched the Dolphins secondary. Jackson finished as the number one quarterback just barely ahead of Dak Prescott. Jackson scored 33.4 fantasy points in 4 point per passing touchdown leagues. Jackson threw for 324 yards and 5 touchdowns on only 17 completions… Jackson only threw the ball 20 times. Dak had to throw the ball 32 times and complete 25 passes to put up 33.4 points (Dak threw for 405 yards and 4 touchdowns).

Lamar Jackson only ran the ball 3 times for 6 yards. He did not need to run against the Dolphins because he was destroying them through the air.

The main beneficiary of Jackson’s epic performance was Marquise “Hollywood” Brown. Yes, Antonio Brown’s Cousin. Brown caught 4 of 5 targets for 147 yards and 2 touchdowns. The other receivers had only a few catches and were bailed out with the touchdown.

The most important note about the Ravens pass catchers is the tight end position was targeted 12 times. 8 went to Mark Andrews, who had the most targets on the team, and 4 went to Hayden Hurst. Andrews who I have said all offseason is going to feast with Jackson had 108 yards and a touchdown. Now, Andrews did have his touchdown in garbage time, but I firmly believe he is a vocal point in this offense.

It wasn’t just the wide receivers and tight ends who had all the fun, the running backs where just as involved. Mark Ingram had 14 rushes for 107 yards and 2 touchdowns. Gus Edwards had 17 rushes for 56 yards, and Rookie Justice Hill had 7 rushes for 27 yards.

What does all this mean for fantasy football? It means if you have players going against the Dolphins you start them. Multiple Dolphins players want out because of how bad the team is and the notion that the coaching staff is trying to tank. In week 2 the Patriots take on the Dolphins and my advice is to start them all.

2. The Sammy Watkins & LeSean McCoy Hype is real

Sammy Watkins went absolutely bonkers on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Sammy racked up 9 receptions on 11 targets for 198 yards and 3 touchdowns. Now, I am not saying this is how it will be every game, but I did call that Sammy Watkins was going to be an unreal value in fantasy football. Read it here. Fellow Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill injured his collarbone and could potentially go on the IR according to Ian Rappaport.

This means that Sammy Watkins is the number one receiving option on the team and he can have stupid incredible games like he did in week 1. It also means he is a safe play for your fantasy football team. Watkins is almost a lock for 8 targets and what he does with that could be more in the range of 100 yards and 1 touchdown, but this is still something you are elated to have. When we did not know what kind of suspension Hill would have Watkins was going as high as the 3rd round, and if you drafted later you could have gotten him in the 9th. This is a wide receiver that will win some people some championships and if he stays healthy could easily finish inside the top 12.

The other Chiefs player I have to talk about is running back LeSean McCoy. When McCoy was on the field the Chiefs looked so much more electric. In important plays it was McCoy out there, not Williams. Williams did get the 2 goal line looks but he failed on the first. McCoy did way more with his snaps, on 10 rushing attempts McCoy put up 81 yards. On Williams 13 rushing attempts he put up 26 yards. Williams caught 6 passes for 39 yards but McCoy caught 1 for 12. If Williams had not scored that touchdown you would have been a very disappointing performance.

This was supposed to be Williams week, since McCoy was still new to the team and did not know the full offense. Instead we saw McCoy play very well and take touches away form Williams. Moving forward I think McCoy is going to continue to take more and more work away from Williams and is a flex play for you all year long.

3 The Browns Will Be Fine

There is no easy way to get around this one, the Browns got walloped in their home opener against the Titans. Nobody expected it to happen, I surly didn’t. A lot of people will overreact and write the Browns off as the same old Browns. I know Pride will.

Taking a deeper look into the game I see some positive signs for the fantasy players.

Baker Mayfield went 25 of 38 for 285, 1 touchdown, and 3 interceptions. If Baker throws the ball that much throughout the season, fantasy owners will be very happy. He could have upwards of 500 plus attempts by the time the season is over. If that happens he will surly increase his completion percentage or at the very least cut back on the turnovers. He is going up against the Jets in week 2, a secondary that let Josh Allen come back from 16 down in week 1. Baker should have a bounce back game and you might be able to buy him cheap.

If Nick Chubb scored the touchdown and not Dontrell Hilliard people would be saying Chubb had a great game. Chubb rushed the football 17 times for 75 yards in a game they where loosing. Hilliard had one rush and it was the 4 yard touchdown. Don’t overreact and think Chubb won’t get goal line work. He is still a great option for your fantasy team. He also caught 3 of 4 passes for 10 yards which is a great sign moving forward. Chubb had 17 out of the 20 rushes in the game, he will be fine just take a deep breath.

OBJ had an okay game even while dealing with a hip injury. He caught 7 of 11 for 71 yards. If Baker throws a few more touchdowns instead of interceptions and OBJ returns to full health he has a top 24 week easily. Jarvis Landry caught 4 of 6 for 67 yards and showed some promise for the season to come. After OBJ he was the second most targeted player, as expected, and he preformed well. A touchdown for any of these guys completely changes their week.

Finally, we discuss David Njoku. Njoku caught 4 of 6 for 37 yards and a touchdown. He was the 3rd most targeted player on the team on Sunday. Every time Njoku scores a touchdown he will be a good play. He will continue to stress out fantasy owners, but it was nice to see him get the touchdown.

2019 Fantasy Football Week 1 Takeaways

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