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What Nick Foles’s Injury Means for the Jaguars Offense and Their Fantasy Value

What Nick Foles’s Injury Means for the Jaguars Offense and Their Fantasy Value

Football was back, the Jaguars had the super bowl winning quarterback starting against the tough Kansas City Cheifs, and fans were excited as optimism filled the city and locker room. That was until at the end of the second drive in the first quarter, Foles threw a 35 yard touchdown pass to DJ Chark as the Cheifs defensive tackle Chris Jones tackled Nick Foles. Soon after, he was ruled out and sat out for the rest of the game. Nick Foles literally went out with a bang, unfortunately it came too soon.

Foles was spotted holding his left side after the touchdown pass and walked into the locker room, leaving fans worried. So much hype and so much money went into the elite quarterback, and his injury made a dent into the offense, the organization, and the fan’s optimism. He left fantasy owners, like myself, lacking. He was ruled out during the game and came out with a shoulder sling. It was later confirmed he suffered a broken clavicle on his left side. Since he left for the locker room, Gardner Minshew took over the snaps for the rest of the game.


Nick Foles was supposed to give the offence it’s charge that is was missing since the 2017 season, but that fell through right after his injury. Fan’s started to leave towards the end of the third quarter, fantasy owners were pulling their hair, and all hope seemed to be lost. But is hope really lost?

The Jaguars did loose in the end, but this was only the first game of the season. The Chiefs are a tough team to beat this year as Patrick Mahomes showed last year. Most of the Chiefs offensive players were definite pick ups in fantasy because of their offensive talent and the coach. They have done nothing but improve this year and the game showed that. There is more to be said about the Jag’s defense than the offense when you look at the numbers.

Gardner Minshew did have a solid game, especially for a rookie that went in the 6th round. He threw for 275 yards and completed 22 of 25 throws, leaving him with an 88% completion rating and an average of 11 yards per throw. He did have one sack and one interception, but also threw 2 touchdowns. By the end of the day, he left the game with a 122.5 passer rating and a 76.6 QBR. That’s impressive for a 6th round rookie.

I’ve been to at least one of the Jaguars pre-season games and I can say they do have depth in the quarterback position. In fact, this is the best quarterback lineup the Jags have ever had. They have a super bowl winner and young talent, and Minshew didn’t just prove it this game. During the pre-season  when they played against the Eagles, Minshew was the only quarterback that week to throw for over 200 yards, and he didn’t play a whole game.

Alex McGough would have been another honorable mention as he did show some flashes of a really good running quarterback in the pre-season, but he didn’t make the cut. Instead, the Jaguars recently traded a 2020 5th round pick to the Steelers for Joshua Dobbs. He will be the second string quarterback with Minshew starting. While there is not much to say about the 4th round pick from 2017, he did have an impressive win over Georgia (ranked 19 at the time) when he played for the Volunteers (unranked at the time).

Nick Foles was scheduled for surgery on Monday, September 9th. It was a successful surgery, but we don’t know the time frame when he will return. It will obviously be towards the end of the season but is it worth it to even put him in fresh off an injury. He has since then been placed on IR. But there is still hope with Minshew. He has put up some impressive numbers to keep fans hopeful and fantasy owners rosters filled. He is fantasy relevant.

It was expected that wide receiver Dede Westbrook and Nick Foles would have a really great season together. When Foles left the game, it appeared as the Minshew was more likely to spread the ball around to other wide receivers. D.J. Chark had a great day finishing 4 for 4 with 146 yards and the 1 touchdown. Former Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley went 6 of 7 for 97 yards and 1 touchdown. Dede on the other hand, went 5 of 6 for 30 yards and a touchdown. If he doesn’t get that touchdown he would’ve given you an awful week. I would take a look at adding either Chark or Conley to see how the Jag’s move forward.

Leonard Fournette had a mediocre game against the Chiefs. He rushed only 13 times but put up 66 yards and caught 4 of 6 targets for 28 yards. If he finds the endzone we are discussing how he had a great week. I think you hold onto him and if you do not have him, you go and buy him cheap. He will be used a lot with Minshew at quarterback, he is a safe volume play for you moving forward.

There are plenty of opportunities for the Jaguars offense and plenty of games left to figure it out, I wouldn’t drop any players yet that you have invested in from the Jag’s. The only thing I’d be weary about after yesterdays game is the Jag’s defense, and will be worried for them this coming week when they play Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins. Sit the defense, start Minshew.

What Nick Foles’s Injury Means for the Jaguars Offense and Their Fantasy Value

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