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NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

Week one was filled with tons of action from the Ravens dominating the Dolphins, to the Patriots looking like a literal super team. As we head into week 2 here are my updated power rankings.

1. Patriots

Previous Rank: No. 1

The Patriots looked dominant in their win vs the Steelers. Tom Brady looked great, they got Josh Gordon involved early, and they add Antonio Brown. This is a team that could finish undefeated. They get Miami this week and I think the backups could beat them.

2. Saints

Previous Rank: No.2

The Saints escaped their Monday night matchup against the Texans. Alvin Kamara looked electric and the way they marched down the field for the game winning field goal was a great sign for this team moving forward.

3. Chiefs

Previous Rank: No 3

The Kansas City Chiefs came out and dominated the entire game. It started with the offense moving the ball down the field and Sammy Watkins having a career day, but also the defense played pretty well, or at least better than last year. It will be interesting to see how they move forward with out Tyreek Hill for the next couple of weeks with his shoulder injury. They play the Raiders in week 2 and should win the game easily.

4. Rams

Previous Rank: No. 4

The Rams got a tough road win against a sneaky Carolina team on Sunday. The Rams used two running backs and it seemed to keep Todd Gurley a little more fresh. Moving forward Jared Goff needs to play better in order for this team to get back to the Super Bowl.

5. Chargers

Previous Rank: No. 5

The Los Angeles Chargers should’ve walked away with an easy victory against the Andrew Luck less Colts, but instead were taken to overtime and won. Austin Ekeler looked really good and looks like he will receive a majority of the teams running back work. Mike Williams did leave the game with some pain in his knee but appears to be fine and ready to go for week 2.

6. Eagles

Previous Rank: No. 6

If you take only the second half the Eagles looked great and are a very competitive team. On the other side of the coin, their first half was terrible. They were down 20 to 7 at half against what was perceived as, a bad Washington Redskins team. If the Eagles do that against a contender they will lose more times then they will win. It appears as though quarterback Carson Wentz looks healthy and could have a massive seasosn with Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson back in town.

7. Packers

Previous Rank: No. 9

The Packers played so long ago you almost forget what happened. The offense looked bad, especially in the first quarter. They had minus 17 yards in the first quarter. The second quarter they got a touchdown and ended up winning by that touchdown. The real impressive thing was their defense. The offense was going against the top defense in 2018, we knew they would struggle. The defense held the Bears to 3 points and looked very good.

8. Vikings

Previous Rank: No. 12

The Vikings came out and dominated the Falcons. From the first snap to the end of the game they looked good. I thought this was going to be a barn burner with how many points would’ve been scored, instead we got the Vikings running the ball effectively and a really strong defensive showing.

9. Texans

Previous Rank: No. 11

The Houston Texans looked pretty good against the Saints. If they get one more stop they potentially crack the top 6 in my power rankings. They still move up because they played a good game. They need to protect Watson more and stop letting him get hit so much and who knows what this team can do. They should win the division, it is about how do they contend for a Super Bowl now.

10. Ravens

Previous Rank: No. 16

The Ravens are getting a bump up, and maybe it is too much. They did play the by far worst team in the NFL the Miami Dolphins and absolutely blew them away, winning 59 to 10. The reason they moved up 6 spots is, the players themselves and the way they played showed great signs for me. Lamar Jackson looked better as a passer, and the routs the wide receivers can looked crisp and on time. It will be interesting to see what they do in week 2.

11. Cowboys

Previous Rank: No. 18

The Cowboys came out and did what we expected them to do to the Giants. They looked great on all sides of the ball. Dak looked really good throwing the ball and if they can get Zeke involved this team could be dangerous.

12. Falcons

Previous Rank: No. 7

The Falcons did not look good against the Vikings. They got some garbage time scores but the team struggled massively in the first half. They play the Eagles this week and I expect them to lose this game even though it is at home.

13. Seahawks

Previous Rank: No. 14

The Seahawks could’ve moved up more in my rankings if they would’ve had a better game against the Bengals. The Bengals are a team they should’ve dominated and they squeaked out with a victory. They play the Steelers on the road this week and it will be a tough and telling task for them.

14. Bears

Previous Rank: No. 13

The Bears defense still looks good, but the offense is looking awful. Mitch looked terrible and just could not find open receivers. He needs to take a massive step forward if this team is going to find the success they had last season.

15. Steelers

Previous Rank: No. 10

The Steelers got embarrassed against the Patriots on Sunday night. They play the Seahawks in week 2 and this should be a game they win. This team has the talent to win this game but they will need to get JuJu and Conner involved more.

16. Panthers

Previous Rank: No. 17

The Panthers almost beat the Rams in week 1 and should beat the Buccaneers in week 2. Cam Newton needs to get it going in order for this team to have long term success. Yes, he was still hobbled by his injury but he needs to find the end zone in order for this team to have a chance at making the playoffs.

17. Browns

Previous Rank: No. 8

The Browns are taking a major tumble in my power rankings after their awful week 1 showing. The offensive line looked terrible, Baker Mayfield was not good, and OBJ was more worried about wearing a $350,0000 watch during the game. This team is going to take some time to come together, they should bounce back and beat the Jets in week 2.

19. Colts

Previous Rank: No. 19

Without Andrew Luck on this team everyone tempered their expectations for this season. The Colts in week 1 looked good against the Chargers, they even took the game to overtime. Their week 2 matchup against the Titans is interesting and the Colts can come out with a victory.

20. Titans

Previous Rank: No. 23

The Tennessee Titans ruined Cleveland’s quest for 19-0 in week 1. They came out and did not just win, they dominated. All facets of the game the Titans dominated, if they can continue this play against the Colts and start their season 2-0 they might actually challenge the Texans for the division crown.

21. 49ers

Previous Rank: No. 22

The San Francisco 49ers went into Tampa Bay and played a good game. It helped that the Buccaneers turned the ball over multiple times. I think the offense looked pretty good but could show improvement in week 2. They play the Bengals in week 2 and should win this game and could show the league they are a tough matchup.

22. Bills

Previous Rank: No. 20

The Bills looked awful against the Jets in the first half. Quarterback Josh Allen was a turnover machine in the first half, the second half he looked pretty good. He led the team back to win the game in the 4th quarter. The Bills play the Giants in week 2 and should have a good game, and should win this game.

23. Jets

Previous Rank: No. 21

The Jets should’ve beaten the Bills on Sunday, instead they blew a second half lead and could not move the ball in the 4th quarter. The defense is dealing with some injuries, but they are playing the Cleveland Browns at home so they should be in the game and has a chance to win.

24. Buccaneers

Previous Rank: No. 24

The only reason the Buccaneers are not falling in my rankings is because the Lions couldn’t put the Cards away. The offense did not look good and it starts at the quarterback position. It also did not help that tight end Cameron Brate had 2 touchdowns called back due to penalties. They can beat the Panthers on Thursday night, but they need better play on offense.

25. Lions

Previous Rank: No. 26

The Lions in the first 3 quarters looked like I expected them to look against the Cardinals. They surprisingly did not ever get Kerryon Johnson going in the game and I think they need to do this to have a successful season. They tied in overtime and are still looking at being the bottom team in their division.

26. Jaguars

Previous Rank: No. 15

The Jags are big time fallers this week. Starting quarterback Nick Foles is on the IR with a clavicle injury and will return later in the season. Rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew looked really good against the Chiefs and I am interested to see how he plays moving forward. This team will have to rely on the running game and its defense.

27. Bengals

Previous Rank: No. 27

The Bengals looked surprisingly good against the Seahawks. They do not move up in my rankings for a few reasons though. The first is that star running back Joe Mixon is injured and quesitonalble for week 2. The second is, a few passes and specifically a touchdown to John Ross were bad throws by Andy Dalton that he got lucky were either caught or not intercepted. Finally, this offense is still unproven. They play the 49ers at home in week 2 and probably should win that game.

28. Riaders

Previous Rank: No. 28

The Raiders came out and looked relatively well Monday night. The question moving forward is can they continue this positive momentum they have. Darren Waller looked great, read more about him here. They get the Chiefs at home this week and are expected to lose, but who knows, maybe they pull the upset.

29. Redkins

Previous Rank: No. 29

Like I said with the Eagles, the Redskins looked great the first half. Case Keenum looked better in 1 game than he did his entire season with the Broncos. He might hold onto this job a little longer then we thought. If the defense can get some stops later in the game this team could pull off a few upsets. Darrius Guice probably won’t play week 2 with a knee injury, so we will see what Adrian Peterson can bring to the table.

30. Cardinals

Previous Rank: No. 30

The first 3 quarters were really bad for the Cardinals. Kyler Murray looked like a rookie quarterback. He made some poor decisions and turned the ball over. In the final quarter and overtime we saw the potential this team could have. If they can put it together for a full game they could surprise some people.

31. Broncos

Previous rank: No. 25

Joe Flacco will always be who we think he is… a Super Bowl MVP. He loves to throw the ball short and that’s what he did. The team did not get WR Emmanuel Sanders involved until the second half, and this will need to change if they want to win. They also need to get a better rushing attack going. They should’ve handled the Raiders but instead lost by 8. They play the Bears in week 2 and will lose this one as well.

31. Giants

Previous Rank: No. 31

The Giants were what we expected, not good. Barkley looked great he just could not find the end zone. Evan Engram looked good as well. Outside of them no one wowed me. Daniel Jones played roughly the last 2 minutes of the game, but expect Manning back out there for week 2

32. Dolphins

Previous Rank: No. 32

The Dolphins did not just look bad, they looked like they belonged in high school football. I have no positive things to say about this team. You know it is bad when half of the players ask their agents to find trades after the first game.

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