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Is It Time to Drop Cam Newton?

Is It Time to Drop Cam Newton?

Once a fantasy superstar and all around offensive juggernaut, Cam Newton has so far disappointed. With Christian McCaffery’s surge to become the Panthers number one play-maker, the Carolina offense has had to rely less on Cam. Now, you would think with reduced pressure, Cam would be able to get more comfortable and consistent. Right? Wrong. Cam has looked sluggish, lazy and simply not like that MVP level Quarterback we once knew. Which for fantasy owners, is a big red flag. With rumors swirling about this possibly being Cam’s final season either for the Panthers or in the NFL as a whole, will he overcome adversity and help lead your team to a championship? Or will he continue to crumble as he proves that more than kryptonite can kill superman.

Is McCaffery Superman Now?

As mentioned prior, McCaffery has become the Panthers main weapon. With Cam having a run game to relieve pressure on him, it would lead us to believe that he would become more successful. However, Cam has seemed to be at his worst since McCaffery entered the league three years ago. Especially this season, Cam has been almost invisible in an offense that has relied so heavily on McCaffery. CMC has looked and played more like superman than Cam ever did. Yet, Cam and McCaffery have had such a good connection. They have connected on over 100 passes and 11 touchdowns. So why is McCaffery getting all the success, why is Cam falling flat, and what does that mean for fantasy owners?

Well, for CMC owners, it’s good news. He will continue to be a workhorse in this system and carry the load for Carolina. For Cam however, it means quite the opposite.

With CMC getting more of the load and being the prime feature, the system has strayed away from Cam’s strengths. Newton has steadily been taking out of his dual-threat style to become more of a pocket passer in Norv Turner’s system. Which, for the rest of Carolina’s offense is amazing, for Cam however, this doesn’t click. Cam has always loved to play the game his way which his why he was so amazing. He could run or throw at his calling but has started slowing down. The offense no longer flows through him, and that hurts his fantasy value significantly.

Is Cam On His Way Out?

With Newtons recent string of injuries and poor performances, rumors began swirling that Cam will be on his way out of a starting job and even maybe retire. This is seriously exaggerated. The media will always attempt to make headlines out of guys like Cam. So for dynasty owners who have invested in Newton, it is not time to panic. This is simply Cam adjusting to a system where he is not the primary weapon. Along with some major injuries, of course Cam won’t look like himself. But in the long run he will eventually settle in and still finish out his career properly as the Panthers starter.

However, this season is a different story. Cam will most likely phase out throughout the year as he continue to struggle with injuries and a VERY lack luster receiving corps. While this is no call for concern for Cam’s future, the team will need a makeover. This season, with the way it’s going, doesn’t have a pretty outlook. We could see Carolina finish towards the bottom of the rankings, which typically doesn’t mean well for the players’ individual performances.

What Does This Mean For Fantasy Owners?

Well, it doesn’t mean anything good. Plain and simple.

For everyone who owns Cam, it’s probably in everyone’s best interest to trade him for someone with low-risk, high reward value. However, if you’re willing to take the gamble on keeping him, it could be fruitful.

Once Cam heals up he can fully unleash his arsenal and become the fantasy play-maker we expected. However, if Cam continues to struggle with injuries and also his very lazy play, there will be almost no value left in Cam other than to give him up for a waiver wire pickup.

In Short: Trade Cam for someone safe in the sense of low-risk, high reward. OR: Stash him and hope he fully heals.

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Is It Time to Drop Cam Newton?

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