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NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season was full of exciting games and even a few upsets. We saw some major injuries and some major breakouts. Check out this weeks power rankings below and comment where your team falls on the list.

1. Patriots

Previous Rank: No. 1

What did you expect? They played the Dolphins and won big. I think they can go 16-0, they should walk away with another easy win in week 3.

2. CHiefs

Previous Rank: No. 3

The Chiefs came out against the Oakland Raiders and through the first quarter it looked like it was going to be an upset. In the second quarter the Chiefs took off, scoring 28 points and easily winning the game. With the injury to Drew Brees the Chiefs become my second best team.

3. Rams

Previous Rank: No 4

The LA Rams had a great game against the Saints and won easily. If Drew Brees doesn’t injure his hand, maybe this is a different game. The Rams play the Browns in Cleveland in week 3 in a game they should win.

4. Packers

Previous Rank: No. 7

The Packers make the jump into my top 5 this week after a really solid game against the Vikings in week 2. The offense was putting up points at will in the first half, but failed to score in the second. The team was able to rely on their amazing defense to win the game. If their defense plays like this they could be back in the Super Bowl in 2019.

5. Ravens

Previous Rank: No. 10

The Baltimore Ravens are also making the jump into the top 5 this week. I reward winning the games you should win. Both the Chargers and Eagles should have won their games, but they didn’t. The Ravens played another great game against the Cardinals and we will truly see who they are as they head to Arrowhead for week 3.

6. Cowboys

Previous Rank: No. 11

The Dallas Cowboys are almost to the top 5, but I cannot give it to them just yet. Their first 2 games have been from teams that I have at the bottom of my power rankings. They should win these games. This doesn’t mean the team has looked good and the players are doing as should. They play Miami in week 3 so, they won.

7. Seahawks

Previous Rank: No. 13

The Seahawks took care of business last Sunday. They won a tough game against the Steelers who actually in my mind looked better once Big Ben left with his season ending injury. Expect this team to pull off another win vs the Saints in week 3.

8. Texans

Previous Rank: No. 9

The Houston Texans came out with a victory against the Jags in week 2, but they did not look good doing it. They need to protect their franchise quarterback and get some sorta offense together if they want to compete for the AFC Championship. They play the Chargers in week 3 in what should be a great game.

9. Chargers

Previous Rank: No. 5

The LA Chargers came out on Sunday against the Lions and stunk it up. Philip Rivers was unable to find the endzone and they had a few crucial plays called back due to penalty. This team needs a bounce back win and they have a touch matchup against the Texans. The winner of this will surely assert them self as a contender.

10. Eagles

Previous Rank: No. 6

The Eagles lost a game they should have won on Sunday. The Falcons beat them in the 4th quarter, but I think this team has bigger worries ahead. First is they need to keep Wentz healthy. If he gets hurt for an extended part of the season, kiss their Super Bowl aspirations goodbye. They also have injuries at the wide receiver position with Alshon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson likely both out 2 weeks.

11. Falcons

Previous Rank: No. 12

Credit is due when credit is due. The Falcons probably should not have won their week 2 matchup, but the late touchdown to Julio Jones turned it in their favor. They play the Colts in week 3, which is a game I am expecting them to win and get back on track, as now they are the division favorite.

12. Vikings

Previous Rank: No. 8

The Vikings had some positives to take away from their loss to their division foe last Sunday. They can definitely run the football. They can play tough defense at some points, what they cannot do is pass the football. This team if they want success needs to pass the football downfield and efficiently and that falls of Kirk Cousins. Someone who needs to get better or will hold this team back.

13. Browns

Previous Rank: No. 17

The Browns came out and won a game they should. They still have some things they need to get better at if they want to compete with the Ravens. A win against the Rams would be massive for this young team. This is a game they should compete in and could walk out with a W.

14. Bears

Previous Rank: No. 14

The Bears don’t move in my power rankings this week. They won a game they should’ve, but that offense looks bad still. It comes down to bad quarterback play, if Mitch can step his game up they can compete, if he doesn’t then they have no shot at playoffs.

15. Lions

Previous Rank: No. 25

The Detroit Lions are making a massive jump this week. They are 2-0 and beat a pretty good Chargers team. Stafford is playing really well, Kenny Golladay might actually become “Baby Megatron”, and Kerryon Johnson was used more. This is a sneaky team that could battle for a wildcard come the end of the season.

16. Saints

Previous Rank: No. 2

This is where the free fall of the Saints stops. Without Brees they go to a team that is trying to get a wildcard, instead of competing for a Super Bowl. Brees is supposed to come back in 6 weeks, for the Saints, they cannot play themselves out of contention while Brees is away.

17. 49ers

Previous Rank: No. 21

The 49ers are a sneaky 2-0 with a real possibility of being 3-0 after Sunday’s matchup with the Steelers. The 49ers have looked great in all aspects of their game. Expect them to continue to rise in next weeks power rankings.

18. COlts

Previous Rank: No. 19

The Colts played a pretty good game against the Titans and they came out with a W. Moving forward they need to make some improvements in their kicking game, because that will come back to haunt them against more difficult opponents

19. Titans

Previous Rank: No. 23

The Titans should’ve beaten the Colts, but we saw the Titans I was expecting to see. Mariota not being able to throw the ball accurately and looking like a sloppy quarterback. This team should be the Jags on Thursday night on the back of their running game.

20. BUccaneers

Previous Rank: No. 24

The Buc’s played much better this week. They took CMC out of the game and they got it done on the back of Chris Godwin and that underrated defense. They play the Giants in week 3 and should win.

21. Bills

Previous Rank: No. 20

The Bills looked good in week 2, minus Devin Singletarry getting a hamstring injury. They will probably sit him, but they should be able to get past the Bengals in weekk 3 without him.

22. Jets

Previous Rank: No. 21

The Jets looked awful Monday night, and until Sam Darnold returns in week 5 potentially, I do not see this team winning a football game. Luke Fulk is their starting quarterback and he will rely heavily on LeVeon Bell moving forward.

23. Panthers

Previous Rank: No. 16

A loss the the Buccaneers and Cam Newton likely out for week 3. Does not look good for this team right now. I am expecting a loss, but I am also expecting heavy utilization from CMC moving forward.

24. Steelers

Previous Rank: No. 15

This is a team that could end up with a top 5 pick in the 2019 NFL draft. Big Ben is out for the year and playing quarterback is Mason Rudolph. I like Rudolph and if he plays well he could take Ben’s job. James Conner is also struggling with an injury and this could be a team that starts to tank pretty quick.

25. Jaguars

Previous Rank: No. 26

The Jags came out and played an okay game against the Texans and almost messed around and won. This team is probably trading Jalen Ramsey soon and they need to rely more on rookie quarterback Gardner Minshew to win games. He almost did it to the Texans.

26. Bengals

Previous Rank: No. 27

John Ross was bailed out with a late game touchdown, and Joe Mixon looked awful. Andy Dalton is a streamer in fantasy football, this team wants to throw the ball. Running the football is going bad for this team and I think their struggles continue into week 3 against the Bills.

27. Riaders

Previous Rank: No. 28

If the game ended after the first quarter the Raiders would be 2-0. They seemed to give up after the second quarter and that could become dangerous for this team. Their recipe for success is feeding Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller.

28. Redskins

Previous Rank: No. 29

I expected them to lose to the Cowboys, so now it is about what do they do in week 3. They play the Bears on Monday night and they have a serious chance of winning if their own defense shows up.

29. Cardinals

Previous Rank: No. 30

The Cardinals are looking great for fantasy football. In reality, they aren’t a very good football team right now and they come close to winning but just cant finish the deal. In week 3 expect a win as they take on the Cam Newton less Panthers.

30. Broncos

Previous rank: No. 25

They almost beat the Bears. Joe Flacco to Emmanuel Sanders looks like a great connection right now. The running game still stinks and this team will probably finish last in the AFC West.

31. Giants

Previous Rank: No. 31

The Giants are switching to Daniel Jones at quarterback, which to me, is the right call. It is time, if the team stinks get him in now and get him some reps.

32. Dolphins

Previous Rank: No. 32

Do I really need to say anything…

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