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Is Jacoby Brissett A Top Tier Fantasy QB?

Is Jacoby Brissett A Top Tier Fantasy QB?

When Andrew Luck decided to hang up his cleats, Colts fans booed and fantasy owners cried. However, the team has not faltered in the face of adversity. And because of that, Jacoby Brissett is playing the best football of his life. We are seeing Brissett really benefit from the system and cast he’s playing with, as well as significant development as a passer. Brissett is currently proving he can actually be a QB 1 for fantasy teams around the world, and may be the reason you can win a championship. Whether he’s trade target or someone stashed on your bench, here’s what you need to know about Brissett.

Recapping Brissett’s Hot Start and Season Outlook

While Brissett played efficiently and helped keep the Colts offense moving, his first two games were nothing special. The standout here, is his performance against the Atlanta Falcons this week. Tossing two touchdowns and throwing for over 300 yards helped lead the Colts to a clutch win over the Falcons. Brissett had a completion percentage of 75.68% and a passer rating of 118.1. He looked like one of the best passers in the league during this performance. Atlanta’s defense isn’t a pushover either, this was a systematic destruction on the side of the Colts, who kept the ball moving on almost every drive.

What’s more exciting is who the Colts have coming up on their schedule. The Colts play plenty of weak defenses like Miami, Kansas City, Oakland, Tampa Bay and more. This adds to the attractiveness of all Colts offensive players, especially Brissett, who acts as almost like a conductor for this offense. If Brissett carries over this performance against Atlanta and stays hot, Brissett will be a player who can put up high 20-low 30 point performances for your team if you’re smart enough to play him against his good match-ups.

The Supporting Cast

Brissett truly benefits from an amazing team. The Colts have very few flaws, especially on offense. Here, we’ll dissect the entire Colts offense and what every unit/player brings to the table.

WR T.Y Hilton: One of the absolute best in the league. A lethal combo of route running, hands and speed, Hilton can make plays as soon as the ball is in his hands. Which, in terms of fantasy production, really helps Brissett. Not only is he a really reliable target but he can take it 50+ yards on any play.

RB Marlon Mack: Since coming into the league, Mack has been insanely consistent and reliable. He’s not like a Le’Veon Bell, but the run game is very fluent in Indianapolis. Which takes a lot of pressure off Brissett. Mack is also a very good pass catcher out of the backfield, which can bail Brissett out of tough pass rushes.

TEs Eric Ebron/Jack Doyle: Big red zone targets that may not get many yards but when it comes to scoring, this is where this duo makes their money. It’ll be very hard for Brissett to not throw touchdowns in the red zone if these machines are out there blowing up tackles and powering their way into the end zone.

The OL: The Colts have one of the best offensive lines in the entire league. The time Brissett has to throw is insane and gives him the best chance to succeed. Even if the line breaks down, Brissett can use his legs to extend the play even longer, which makes it ever harder for defenses to stop the passing attack.

The Defense: While the defense doesn’t actually produce anything for Brissett, they’ve played well enough to get quick stops which turns the ball back to Brissett and the offense. More possessions is always a good thing.


Brissett, while not on the same level as the likes of Mahomes and Brady, is one of the best fantasy Quarterbacks you can have this year. Not because of a big arm, or because he can scramble for 20 yards every play, but because he is in one of the best scenarios any Quarterback can be in. There’s no other scenario Brissett would rather be in than the one he has right now. Amazing WR’s, some of the best blockers in the NFL and a fluent run game makes it impossible for Brissett to fail. He is one of safest fantasy players to have on your team simply because he is smart enough to not make mistakes and has the best chance at success over almost any other QB.

If someone else doesn’t see this, feel free to take Brissett off their hands.

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Is Jacoby Brissett A Top Tier Fantasy QB?

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