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Why You Cannot Trust Chiefs Wide Receivers

Why You Cannot Trust Chiefs Wide Receivers

The Kansas City Chiefs have one of the most potent and powerful offenses in the entire National Football League. Week in and Week out we know they will put up points and have great fantasy football finishes. When you own Chiefs wide receivers they will have their massive boom games, but they will also have extreme bust games. In this article we will discuss why you cannot and should not trust Chiefs wide receivers in fantasy football. This is not me saying drop them, or bench them every week, this is me saying if you’re looking for a consistent play or someone you can put in your flex with confidence, it is not Chiefs wide receivers.

Sammy Watkins

Through 4 games Sammy Watkins is the number one fantasy wide receiver for the Chiefs with 38 targets, 23 receptions, 365 yards, 3 touchdowns and 64 fantasy points in half point reception leagues. That is a pretty good line for the season, Watkins is the number 6 wide receiver on the season in half point per reception leagues. Right above Amari Cooper, and right behind Julio Jones. Out of Watkins 64 fantasy points on the season 42.3 fantasy points came in week 1. That is 66% of his fantasy points in one week. Since then Watkins has only hurt you either being in your lineup. Watkins has put up 7.9, 8.9 and 4.9 fantasy points in the following 3 weeks. Watkins has not caught a touchdown since week one and has not had more than 65 yards since week 1. Defenses have taken him out of the game, and he should not be an auto start like the number 6 wide receiver on the year should be. Moving froward I see Watkins being a boom/bust play. Once injured wide receiver Tyreek Hill returns he should see easier coverage allowing him to spring free, but that is not a guarantee, it is only a possibility.

Demarcus Robinson

On the year Robinson has 50 fantasy points in half point per reception leagues and is the 21st wide receiver on the season right ahead of John Brown and right behind Davante Adams. Robinson has 21 targets and 14 receptions for 250 yards and 3 touchdowns. In week one he has .5 points, week two he had his breakout game against Oakland and scored 32.2 fantasy points, in week 3 he scored another touchdown and finished with 11.8 fantasy points, finally, in week 4 he had 5.5 points on only 4 catches for 35 yards. Robinson is someone who fantasy players raved about when he had his breakout, and now has only been mediocre. He was a for-sure flex play and now I worry about his week to week value. There will never be a time where you can point and say this is Robinson’s week. It will take another 100 plus yards and multiple touchdowns out of no where for him to be in your lineup.

Mecole Hardman

Hardman is someone who I expected to not play a significant role in 2019, but I love his talent and he has a really bright future. In 2019 Hardman is the 51st wide receiver on the season. He has 8 catches on 17 targets for 167 yards and 2 touchdowns. Scoring a total of 31.4 fantasy points in half point per reception leagues. In 4 weeks Hardman has given you a -.1 and a 0, but also given you a 17.4 and 14.1 fantasy point performance. In his 17.4 point performance he only had 2 receptions and one was a 83 yard touchdown. His other good game he only had 4 receptions. Hardman is a player who needs a touchdown or a big play to make him a quality flex play. Right now when you play him you are just closing your eyes and throwing a dart and hoping it sticks.


Like I stated above, the Chiefs are a great team, and a great offense. When it comes to sustaining solid fantasy wide receivers it is difficult to know who to play and when. Outside of a few big plays the wide receivers have not been worth your start in 2019. This offense spreads the ball around and Patrick Mahomes throw’s the ball to whoever is open. Not to mention the running game is being utilized more, especially in the red zone. If you have them on your team I would advise you trading them when they come off a big time boom game because their next 3 games will probably be busts.

Why You Cannot Trust Chiefs Wide Receivers

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