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3 Highly Drafted Quarterbacks who are Busts so far in Fantasy Football 2019

3 Highly Drafted Quarterbacks who are Busts so far in Fantasy Football 2019

Another week has come and gone and now we are almost a third of the way through the season. There have been some surprising players that have emerged this year, but on the other hand there are also the players that are disappointments. Of the top 12 QB’s that were drafted by ADP only 6 of them are in the top 12 by fantasy points scored. Three of them were injured and thus have missed games so its no surprise they have dropped from the top 12, but there are 3 that so far have been huge disappointments.

Jared Goff- LA Rams- ADP 9th QB


Goff has been struggling so far this year. He has had some big games where he has thrown for a ton of yards, but has not been able to get the ball into the end zone through the air. Goff is only averaging 17.7 fantasy points per game so far and ranks as the 14th QB in fantasy so far this year. This performance hasn’t been what everyone expected, and it looks as though the Rams have regressed from their Super Bowl level of play.

The O-line has been a concern for Goff so far this year and it has not given him as much of an opportunity for him to make good choices for success dealing with changes up front. Currently Goff is sitting at an even split of 7 touchdowns to 7 interceptions thrown and is on pace to throw 10 less touchdowns and 10 more interceptions than he did last year. Goff is also on pace right now to throw 710 pass attempts this year which if this pace stayed true would mean that he would throw almost 200 more passes than his career high.

All of this considered the Rams have started to look more like themselves as the season has progressed and I don’t expect that Goff will keep throwing as much as he has in the first part of the season. I think that Goff and the Rams will improve and play better than they have, but it is going to be an uphill battle. For the rest of the season Goff will face the 7th hardest adjusted strength of schedule for QBs and will still have to play division opponents that know him well 5 times this year. I believe that Goff will improve his play but with the way some of the younger QBs in the league have been playing this year and the schedule for the Rams I don’t think that Goff is going to finish the season as a top 12 fantasy QB.

Aaron Rodgers – GB Packers- ADP 3rd QB

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty

Coming into this year a lot of people expected that Rodgers was going to have another one of his breakout seasons that proved why he was one of the best QBs in the league. After being dinged up the last couple years and missing 9 games in 2017 Rodgers came in to this year healthy. The struggles appeared to start in week 1 against the Bears , when the offense just did not look good. Given the Bears have arguably the best Defense in the NFL Rodgers has still been able to command the offense and find ways to expose most teams that he played against.

Under a new head coach and system heading into this year it looks like it has taken some time for the Rodgers to fully adjust to the new offense, and it has not helped that he has been missing some players on the offense which is contributing to him being the 19th ranked QB in fantasy points scored. Right now, with his WR 1 most likely being out multiple weeks he does not have a go to in the passing game. Even when Adams was healthy he was seeing lots of good coverage’s and Rodgers was forced to try and find other play makers in the passing game, but this has been difficult.

There have been some good performances from Allison and MVS this year, but it has not been consistent. This means that the Packers have started to focus on the ground game more this year, and so far, Jones has been able to take full advantage of that in the running game. Over the last 10 games of the season Rodgers is going to face the 12th toughest schedule against QB’s, and still has to face some really good defenses, but this is one of the best QB’s in the league and I expect that things will start to look up. Especially when Adams is back in the line-up, I believe that Rodgers is going to be able to raise the level of play of everyone around him and the Packers’ Defense has been really helping them out all year. I think that this is going to put Rodgers in a position to turn the season around and he should finish as a top 12 fantasy QB.

Baker Mayfield- CLE Browns- ADP 4th QB

Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty

The Browns have been a major disappointment this year so far. They had a lot of expectations that they would have a high-powered offense and be in competition for a playoff spot. The offense has struggled to find consistency and they have not had a chance to get OBJ going yet this year. The defense has also been dealing with a lot of injuries that has turned some of the games into shoot outs.

At the end of last season Baker raised some eyebrows with his ability and made people believe that he was going to be the QB of the future for the Browns. Over the last few years the Browns have had a pretty good O-line but has had few play makers on offense that could break a game wide open. It appears that this year this script has changed. Baker has been under pressure constantly this year and has been sacked an average of 3 times per game and is on pace to throw 26 interceptions. This is not the year that Baker was hoping for.

There has also been some question about the play calling on offense and how that will affect the Browns for the rest of the season. Baker is also going to face the 9th toughest adjust strength of schedule against QBs for the rest of the season. I think that the Browns are going to continue to struggle through the middle part of the season, and Baker with them. I believe that Baker is going to help the Browns turn things around this year and improve. I also think that when Hunt returns in the later part of the year that he could add another spark to the offense and help the team be successful to end the year. With the current struggles of the offense and Baker just not having time in the pocket I do not believe that his is going to be able to finish as a top 12 fantasy QB this year.

If you have some of these players and are looking for tips on who to target check out this article from Steven, @CoachStevenP, right here, and make sure to check out the Time Skew Podcast for more great information throughout the year.

3 Highly Drafted Quarterbacks who are Busts so far in Fantasy Football 2019

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