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How Leonard Fournette has Returned to Fantasy Relevance

How Leonard Fournette has Returned to Fantasy Relevance

In 2017, Leonard Fournette was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 1st round as the 4th overall pick. The LSU back brought life to the Jacksonville Jaguars and gave them a shot in the Playoff’s. He also forced Blake Bortles to step up and had the best year in his career. Unfortunately, after controversial calls, the Jaguars lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship game. But Fournette was still a fantasy relevant player.

Going into 2018, there was a lot of hype for the Jaguars to repeat what they did the last year. With a great defense, a decent run game since Maurice Jones Drew was a Jaguar, and Bortles stepping up, the odds were in the Jaguars favor, so it seemed.
During the 2018 season, Blake Bortles started playing like his old self again, making mistakes one after another. The deference did not play to their expectations as well. But most importantly, the then 2nd year vet was getting hurt and had disciplinary issues on and off the field. This did not set a great image for the Jaguars as they were back to square one. The Jaguars decided to clean house and trade a few defensive players, a very controversial move.

After missing the playoffs, the Jaguars realized they needed a new edge at the quarterback position. In March of 2019, Nick Foles was signed with the Jaguars. The Jaguars also used their 6th round pick to get Gardner Minshew. Jaguars also stacked up on defense getting Josh Allen in the 1st round. But as for Fournette, the Jaguars opted out of his 4th year contract, sending the message to the struggling back.

Unfortunately to start the 2019 season, Nick Foles got hurt on his second drive with the Jaguars. There was some hope for the offence with Foles as starter, but dreams were shot when he got injured. Gardner Minshew came in and held his own but could not bang out a win the first game of the season. While Fournette played 86% of the snaps, he was held under 70 yards in rushing and did not make his mark.

Moving on into the season, Minshew Mania sweep’s the league and the Jaguars fan base. Minshew shows flashes of being a great quarterback. From here, a new game plan is organized designed to use Minshew in his strongest areas, as well as giving the rookie some breathing room; that is to use Fournette more.

Minshew’s play making has seemed to transfer onto Fournette. Every week, Fournette’s numbers get better. He plays more snap’s and gets more carries. Fournette is surprisingly a top 10 running back overall. He’s finished better than he started this season so far. Fournette is a defiantly start and buy this season and has not given us any reason to not start him or trade him yet. Fournette is one of the most surprising players this season (along with David Johnson) and has been able to make himself fantasy relevant despite the adversity he endured last season. The once thought one hit wonder has proved the haters wrong so far.

How Leonard Fournette has Returned to Fantasy Relevance

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