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What Patrick Mahomes Injury Means for Fantasy Football

What Patrick Mahomes Injury Means for Fantasy Football

The reigning MVP of the National Football League had already been dealing with a left ankle injury the whole season. Tonight on a 4th and 1, QB sneak play Patrick Mahomes injured his right knee. Something you rarely every see on a sneak play.

Fox’s Erin Andrews reported that Chiefs head coach Andy Reid told her at halftime that Mahomes is “going to be OK,” but didn’t give any diagnosis. According to Andrews, Reid also said that Mahomes told the coach, “… I’m going to be fine, Coach.”

It appeared Mahomes suffered a dislocated kneecap. If that is the case, there are a couple examples of quarterbacks returning fairly quickly from that injury. In 2008, when Mark Sanchez was at USC, he dislocated his kneecap in practice on Aug. 8. He started USC’s opener on Aug. 30. When Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford was a rookie in 2009, he suffered a dislocated kneecap in a game. He missed two more games.

A dislocated kneecap can also require surgery. The extent of Mahomes’ injury likely won’t be known until more tests are done.

An intresting theory swirling around Twitter is tht the Chiefs could trade for Eli Manning. If the Chiefs give up a 6th round pick for Eli I am here for it. This would help the offense and be better for fantasy than Matt Moore.

In all seriousness let’s talk fantasy football implications. With Mahomes out this offense will take a massive hit. The wide receivers where already performing as big boom/bust plays. The Chiefs wide receivers now have lower ceilings but could potentially be better PPR plays.

So far in the Thursday Night matchup against the Broncos Moore has thrown a big touchdown to Tyreek Hill, but prior to that he had only a few completions for 10 ish yards. The other wide receivers where catching passes but they where not for many yards.

Tyreek Hill will still be a weekly start, when Watkins returns he could be a good play. Hardman, who got a the Mahomes touchdown in Thursday Night’s game, will be a flex play at best and you will be hoping for a touchdown every week. I believe the same applies to Robinson, but I would rather have Hardman than Robinson.

I think Travis Kelce is still a safe tight end. He will no longer have the tight end 1 ceiling, but he can still be a top 6 tight end. If you are streaming your tight end or maybe you drafted O.J. Howard and you need a tight end, Travis Kelce could be a buy low candidate.

As far as the running backs go, I think you will still have the problem of not knowing which guy to play. Through the first 3 quarters LeSean McCoy has 11 carries, and the rest of the running backs have 6 carries. McCoy is the only running back worth starting and it is a low end RB 2 play at best, unless he gets a touchdown. All the running backs will not return value unless they score a touchdown more than likely moving forward.

I do see a world where the Chiefs try to run the ball more, I just don’t know how well the Chiefs line can provide holes for the running backs with the injuries they have sustained.

Finally, with Mahomes out, is it worth picking up Matt Moore? I will say in any standard 1 QB league, no it is not. Moore will be a streamer at best, but he does not become a weekly start like Mahomes was.

What Patrick Mahomes Injury Means for Fantasy Football

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