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Week 8 Thursday Night Football Review

Thursday’s game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins was a disappointing one, to say the least. With a score of 19-9, there wasn’t much of a game to really watch, 

The negatives:

I am going to start off with the bad news on this one. Troy Aikman said it best when he said: “It’s a win for the Vikings but somewhat of an uncomfortable win at that.” And I completely agree with that. The offense was not nearly as explosive for either team as it could’ve been. Especially for Minnesota, they have looked very good on offense the last three weeks, coming off a huge win in Detroit last week winning 42-30, it looked like uninspired football in my opinion. 

Washington played (for lack of a better term) some pretty disastrous football. Peterson only got 103 all-purpose yards, BOTH Case Keenum and Dwayne Haskins combined for 131 yards and 4 sacks, and McLaurin only had 39 yards! Talk about a bad night. 

The positives: 

Now I’ll talk about the good I saw. Kirk Cousins had a semi-decent night with 273 yards and zero Interceptions but did not have any touchdowns either. Kirk was also good about getting the ball around to different receivers. Diggs being his favorite with seven receptions and 143 yards. Cook had 73 receiving yards, my favorite play was a beautiful screen by Cook that Washington fell for hard, getting him 31 yards on that play. The rookies also got a bit of action in the absence of Adam Theilen. Olabisi Johnson with two catches and 27 yards including a nice 16 yarder. And rookie tight end Irv Smith Jr. got 3 catches and 21 yards, Aikmen also said “Irv Smith Is going to be with this organization for a very long time” and I hope that is true because he could really be a franchise tight end. 

This morning, Minnesota Fullback CJ Ham said he liked the resilience of Washington throughout the game although they are 1-7 following the loss. Their defense looked good, holding Minnesota to just one TD. Unfortunately, that is the only positive thing I saw from Washington in the game. 

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