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What Leonard Williams Brings To The Giants

What Leonard Williams Brings To The Giants

On Monday, the New York Giants and their green counterparts the Jets agreed to a trade, sending DL Leonard Williams to Big Blue in exchange for 2020 3rd and 5th round picks. Now, at first glance this looks like another headscratcher by Gettleman seeing as the defensive line is one of the deeper groups on the roster combined with the fact Williams is an upcoming UFA. But although there may be more pressing needs I’m willing to be patient because I do see potential and good ole’ Dave does deserve a chance with how we’ve seen his draft picks play out thus far (TRUST THE PROCESS FOLKS). At the end of the day however, Williams is a member of the Giants and I want to examine what he adds.

Leonard Williams Years W/The Jets

Before we project the future, let’s dive into the past. Here’s a little background for those who need to catch-up. Williams was selected in 2015 by the Jets at 6th overall. Williams has recorded only 17 sacks and 34 TFL’s in his now five year career, still in progress. I cite general statistics like these because at this point we should’ve seen more of an output in these categories, seeing as he was a high draft pick and was heralded as both an elite pass rusher and run defender. In addition, the average QB hit-to-sack percentage is about 45%, per PFF, but Leonard Williams’ falls at only 10%. However you feel about Williams’ time with the Jets, it is clear he underperformed but there is still potential there, let’s take a look.

Projecting Williams Going Forward

This film shows Williams at his best, for the most part. He beats his guy of the line every time with an explosive first step and also wins the battle on the superior side with his hands. In a perfect world this is the Williams’ the Giants are getting on the majority of snaps but its not a perfect world. Let’s now examine if and how Bettcher’s system will allow Williams to get maximum output. Williams is making a return to the 3-4 scheme he played under Todd Bowles with. In this scheme Williams will likely serve as the 4i, seeing as he offers more speed than Dexter Lawrence, but is also the perfect compliment to him. The Giants will also give him snaps on the edge, given that explosiveness and speed that I mentioned. If this is the case, Williams will likely be put at the 6-tech, in a three point stance, which will allow him to get contact with the tackle faster, further helping beat him off the line with that aformentioned first step. The 6-tech down lineman is also assigned the 2-gap or A-gap depending if he takes the inside or outside move respectively. With all this being said, Williams will be a perfect addition on this young, agile and quick defensive front.

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What Leonard Williams Brings To The Giants

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