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Is Darrell Henderson Ready To Step Up?

Is Darrell Henderson Ready To Step Up?

It’s becoming clear that Todd Gurley is no longer able to sustain carries like he used to. While this is disappointing in it’s own right, it paves way for the creation of a future star that the Rams already have. Darrell Henderson Jr., who was the Rams’ 3rd round draft choice, has been heating up the past couple weeks as HC Sean McVay is starting to give him more work due to Malcom Brown’s injury. Henderson has rushed for 11 times the last two weeks, including a 49 rushing yard performance against the Bengals where he also added two catches for 20 yards. Now, obviously none of these numbers are at all impressive, but now that Henderson is getting more work, could he be a waiver wire pick up on the verge of a huge breakout? Let’s find out.

A Brief Background

Henderson was one of the most electric Running Backs in the nation while he was at college. In his Sophomore season, Henderson totaled 1154 yards and 9 touchdowns. While these numbers are head turning, the big breakout came from his Junior season. Henderson destroyed opponents and racked up 1909 yards and 22 touchdowns. These numbers are NFL worthy and it’s clear he has a lot of potential, so it was mind boggling that the Los Angeles Rams were the team to draft him.

The Rams clearly knew they were going to have to limit Gurley this year so they were prepared to spread out touches in their run game. C.J. Anderson, who took on this responsibility towards the end of 2018 and during the playoffs, had departed and Malcolm Brown still remained unproven. So, naturally, maybe acquiring a vet with proven worth would have been the plan. McVay had other ideas. They have now invested a fairly high pick into the Memphis RB who is a low risk, high reward pick. He could be a top handcuff RB if Gurley ever heals up, but with the potential to take over if Gurleys knee is detrimental to his career.

How Will He Perform This Season?

As mentioned before, Henderson is staring to garner more attention and more carries. Injuries to Gurley and Brown have been very beneficial for the young RB. Henderson seems like he’s on the verge of a big game, which could very well come after this bye week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, his situation will be one to monitor as Malcolm Brown could make his return by then. If so, it will come down to who McVay wants to put more work in for, but with the way they’ve set up Henderson, it’s starting to look like he’ll be seeing a lot more touches in the coming weeks.

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Is Darrell Henderson Ready To Step Up?

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