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Is it Time to Drop Terry McLaurin?

The FI fighter jet, Scary Terry, what ever you want to call him was one of our favorite early season breakouts but recently his performance has been awful and I think it might be time to drop him or at the very least stop putting him in your lineup.

Over McLaurin’s last 3 games he has absolutely killed your fantasy team. He has posted two 4 of 6 games for 39 yards each and then a 1 for 2 game for 11 yards. McLaurin has become a player you can no longer rely on.

If Case Kennum is the starting quarterback then McLaurin has a chance at being relevant and he missed week 9 with a concussion. He gives McLaruin a chance at being relevant, but with how the Redskins are playing right now it really feels as if the F1 has been parked for the remainder of the season.

My advice is if he is on your team hold onto him for now but honestly, I don’t see a matchup in which I am comfortable playing him. At this point in the season I would rather have DaVante Parker or Preston Williams from the Dolphins instead of McLaurin.

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