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Playoff Primer: 9 Fantasy Players That Could Win You a Championship

Playoff Primer: 9 Fantasy Players That Could Win You a Championship

The Fantasy playoffs are right around the corner. Whether you are a top seed and already have a spot locked up or you must fight for a spot its time to look ahead and see what you can do to your roster to optimize it to bring home the prize.


The Pittsburgh Steelers have been coming on strong the last few weeks. Currently they are the 3rd highest scoring defense in fantasy at 13.0 points per game, only .8 points behind the 49ers through 9 games. For the rest of the season the Steelers will be facing the 2nd easiest adjusted schedule for their defense. They have some great matchups coming up with that schedule including the Bengals and the Cardinals. Their toughest challenge the rest if the season will be in week 17 against the Ravens, but all the other games means that the Steelers should stay as a top 3 defense for the rest of the year. They have the potential to win you your league.


The Eagles have had some struggles this year on defense. They currently rank 16th in DST points scored at 7.3 per game. The eagles have looked strong at times, and they have potential. The Eagles have the 4th easiest schedule for their DST for the rest of the year. Coming off a bye they will face the Patriots and Seahawks, which is not ideal, but weeks 13-17 could be great for them. They get to face the Dolphins, Redskins, and the Giants twice. They will get to face a couple of rookie QBs late in the season that could really produce some fantasy points for the Eagles. The Eagles have a good chance to finish as atop 12 defense and could really boost your chances in the playoffs.

Joey Slye – CAR

Slye has had an impressive rookie season so far. Currently he is the 8th ranked kicker and is averaging 9.3 points per game. The panthers have been a high scoring offense this year and have been able to put Slye into good situations to put points on the board. He has only missed 6 field goals this year all from over 40 yards and is at 72.7% accuracy. With the schedule ahead Slye has the best schedule for kickers, and the Panthers should continue to have a lot of opportunities for him to score, especially if Kyle Allen opens the throwing game in the last part of the season. Slye is a solid lock to hold down your fantasy team in the playoffs.

Matt Prater – DET

Prater has shown that he is still one of the best kickers in the game this season. He is the 5th ranked Kicker in fantasy right now at 9.8 points per game.  Prater is at 85% accuracy this year so far and has made 6 field goals from beyond 50 yards so far and has only missed 1 extra point. Prater has been very reliable this year. The Lions have been throwing the ball a lot this year and getting into scoring position frequently.  Prater will face the 4th easiest schedule for kickers the remainder of the season. With how he has been kicking so far this year, his reliability at distance, and the schedule upcoming Prater should be able to finish the season strong and help you stay competitive in the playoffs without worrying about the kicker position.

Kyle Allen – CAR

Allen had to take the helm for the Panthers after Cam had to sit with another injury. There was some question about what the Panthers would look like without Newton this year, but Allen has put those feelings to rest. He has shown that he is a capable QB with the Panthers, and it helps when you have a solid line and one of the best RB in the league to help back you up. As the season has gone on Allen has looked more comfortable in the passing game as his chemistry with his outside playmakers has improved. The rest of the year Allen has the 4th easiest schedule amongst QBs. I think that the Panthers might have to throw the ball more as the season goes on, because the rushing defenses they are going to face will improve. I think that Allen is going to be able to throw more and I think with his dynamic playmakers in the passing game, including CMC, Allen is going to be a starting QB for the last half of the season, and could very well be the starting QB you need on your team.

Jacoby Brissett – IND

When Luck retired in the off season Brissett took over for a team looking to compete. Brissett has looked comfortable as the starting QB and the Colts have looked good. He has missed some time with an injury, but he should be back, and it doesn’t look like he will be very limited when he does return. Brissett is going to face the 7th easiest schedule against QBs for the rest of the season. With the Colts having a good defense I think that when Brissett gets back he is going to be able to perform at a high level. With the Colts fighting for a playoff spot and division opponents coming up there should be a lot of close and high scoring games. This means that Brissett is going to be a viable starting candidate that could help your team stay strong.

David Montgomery – CHI

Montgomery started the season off with high expectations, but he and the Bears struggled at the beginning. As the season has gone on though it appears the he has improved his game and caught up to the NFL speed. He has also found the endzone a few times recently which has really upped his value in all formats. Montgomery will face the easiest strength of schedule against the run the rest of the season. The teams he will face give up an average of 21.6 fantasy points per game to RBs. This combined with his expanded role means that he should have the opportunity and the touches to turn in some big games.

Josh Jacobs – OAK

Jacobs came into his rookie year looking to prove his talent on an NFL field. In Gruden’s offense the RB is very important and having versatility is very important. It took Jacobs a few games to get fully integrated into the system and catch up to the NFL speed. He has also dealt with a sore shoulder that limited him for a few weeks. He has shown that he is healthier now, and that he is willing to play through the pain at times. Jacobs has been a nice surprise this year and heading into the backend of the year I expect this to continue. He will face the 4th easiest schedule against the run against teams that give up 20.7 points per game to RBs. With the Raiders fighting for a playoff spot I expect that they are going to be competitive in most of the games on their schedule, and I think that Jacob’s is going to have an expanded role in their success.

Tyler Lockett – SEA

The Seahawks came into this year looking to expand on their successes from last year. They have looked very strong this year so far, and just took down the last undefeated team in the 49ers. Lockett came into this year as the WR1 after the departure of Doug Baldwin. The rest of the receiving core was in question and there was concern that Lockett would be able to produce at the same level. He let his play on the field show that he was ready for the challenge. It always helps when you have one of the best QBs in the NFL, he has also been helped by the rookie DK Metcalf becoming a force on the field also. Right now, Lockett is scoring 17.7 fantasy points per game and is the 5th best WR in fantasy. The Seahawks will face the 5th easiest schedule against WRs the rest of the year, so this means that Lockett is going to have a chance to score a lot. The other factor that I think is going to help him out the rest of the season is that Josh Gordon has now joined the WR core. This adds another huge threat to their passing game and help keep extra pressure off Lockett. I expect him to finish the year strong and carry his team into the playoffs.

Playoff Primer: 9 Fantasy Players That Could Win You a Championship

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