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Review: Kaepernick’s Workout Trouble

Review: Kaepernick’s Workout Trouble

On Saturday November 16th, Colin and his team held his workout to showcase his abilities and reinforce that he is capable of being an NFL Quarterback. We will take a look at the discrepancies between him and NFL over this workout showcase and how Colin’s team has successfully maneuvered for their best opportunity for him to sign for an NFL team.

One of the first complaints that emerged publicly from this workout was the list of NFL teams that were going to be in attendance was not provided to Kaepernick and company. While the NFL denied that they agreed to this, Kaepernick’s representatives openly expressed that not only did the NFL agree to provide the clubs that will be present, that they can provide proof that was an agreement. Adding to the fire was the short notice that the camp would be held on a Saturday, uncustomary to the regular Tuesday workouts that the league holds. This almost guaranteed that high level personnel would not be in attendance, which did not come off well to Kaepernick. The NFL also prompted Colin to sign a waiver that he would not sue if he was not signed by an NFL team from the workouts. His team countered with a standard injury waiver. This caused a lot of trust issues between Kaepernick and the NFL, who since February have not spoken officially until the workout was scheduled. There was already friction as we headed towards Saturday’s workout, and any idea that the event would go over smoothly was in jeopardy.

As seen on the NFL’s statement responding to the workout, they were informed on short notice that Kaepernick not only wanted his own camera crew to be allowed into the workout, he wanted the event to be open to all media. The NFL holds all their combines as a closed event, with one camera crew to have clear and unblocked coverage to accurately record the workouts. The NFL clarified in their statement they attempted to cooperate with Kaepernick’s team to show how the event will be taped and dispersed to all clubs. So in addition to it being an untimely request by Colin’s team, the NFL held firm to its processes. Kaepernick was concerned that there was a lack transparency between him and the NFL. This led to him [Colin] and his team to remove themselves from the Falcons facility and hold their workout at Charles Drew High School in Atlanta about an hour away from the original location. But why was this a positive move for Kaepernick to potentially sign with an NFL team?

There was an obvious reason why Colin’s team elected to pull themselves from the workout. Public Display. Through the few years that Kaepernick has pursued suing the NFL over being essentially blackballed by the organization, there is a opinion base out there that believes that Kaepernick doesn’t possess the skill set of an NFL quarterback. The workout can shed light to a lot of those nay-sayers, as media analysis depicts Colin’s attributes after not being in an NFL game since January 1st of 2017. In addition to this, turning over another opinion that signing him to an NFL team would bring a negative buzz to the club that signs him was in play. Colin and the NFL were showing that they are attempting to put the past in the past and that created an overwhelming support on social media. To put things in perspective on how his team handled this; it’s equivalent to the buzz that is created with an NFL prospect during combine days. How they perform on the days leading up to the draft can influence their draft stock.

With fan base seeing those performances on combine day, it could put pressure on front office to lean towards a certain player. This is what essentially Colin and company aimed to accomplish with this media involvement in his workout. Even with the bumps in the road for the workout, it was still a success for the ex 49ers quarterback. By choosing to pull out of the combine and holding his workout an hour away, it really shed some light to the situation. Any attempt of the NFL to make this a PR stunt by creating this “illusion” that 25 teams, that they said were attending the camp, were ready to scout and potentially sign him were put to rest. I believe that’s what they wanted all along; a focused group of teams that really intended to scout Kaepernick. There were officially eight teams in apparel that ended up making the drive to Drew High School and in the event that he is not signed allows Colin’s team to save face since he was only truly scouted by 8 of the 25 of the NFL teams in original attendance. So in the end it was a win-win for Kaepernick. But is there a chance he lands with one of those four teams? Well let’s take a look at who made it:

New York Jets (2-7)

With the way the season has gone with Adam Gase at the helm, is anything surprising with the Jets anymore? Near the trade deadline I had my pitchfork at the ready with the thought of a Jets fire sale and moving on from Jamaal Adams. The Jets organization has been in turmoil and maybe the club is ready to move on from Sam Darnold as a starter. I mean their shallow depth at QB was on huge display when Darnold had Mono. Even when Darnold is on the field he is still struggling, with a 75 QBR and a 7 to 9 Touchdown to Interception ratio. The organization turned around what was thought to be a bad situation with Le’Veon Bell, and maybe they can have the same result with Kaepernick. It wouldn’t take much for Colin to surpass what Darnold has been doing on offense. With the patriots and Bills leading the AFC East the Jets have nothing to lose and everything to gain with this addition behind center.

Washington Redskins (1-8)

The best thing that’s been produced by the Redskins this season is the damn good culture. But I think Kyle Shanahan said it better than Bruce Allen on his quote being the worst part is “everything else”. From pulling Case Keenum after trading for him, to putting Tyrell Williams on IR after his ten week hold out, it seems like the best thing the club has done all season is firing Gruden and letting Adrian Peterson do what Adrian Peterson can do. The organization said that Haskins was not ready and wanted him to have him develop however here we are with him named the starter for the remainder of the season. With Bill Callaghan committed to running the ball and a committee consisting of Adrian Peterson and Derrius Guice, Kaepernick’s mobility can help define this new run heavy play style that the redskins plan on achieving. But how does Washington handle their QB situation? You have Alex Smith recovering from that horrifying leg injury, Dwayne Haskins developing, Colt McCoy playing a good back up role, and Case Keenum well um… being Case Keenum. If the front office makes a move for Colin, there will be some important decisions for the RedSkins to make for their depth chart.

Kansas City Chiefs (6-4)

It’s not all that surprising given the way the chiefs have been in a slump recently. And I’m sure Andy Reid was uncomfortable opening the whole playbook to Matt Moore while Mahomes nursed that ankle injury. Mahomes being mortalized by that injury probably shook the whole front office who has perceived him as a Demi god since his 2018 campaign. Adding depth with a quarterback that would fit their system would be idea for Kansas City. And how ironic would it be for Colin Kaepernick, who subsequently shipped Alex Smith to KC once he took the reigns in San Francisco, to end up there himself.

Tennessee Titans (5-5)

It is no surprise that the Titans were there at Drew High School. They’ve pulled away from Mariota and put Tannehill under center earlier this season. I believe Tannehill is not their long term option for resolving their QB1 issue. Colin can find himself a nice fit with the offensive play style that’s in Tennessee. But what does that mean for Ryan Tannehill? More importantly, where does this mean for Mariota?

Philadelphia Eagles (5-4)

With how aggressive and injury prone Carson Wentz seems to be, I don’t find this surprising at all. The Eagles let go of Nick Foles to the Jaguars and signed McCown to the QB2 position during the off-season. I don’t believe McCown possesses that quality of playmaking that the eagles have with Wentz. This may be a move for the Eagles as a safety net if Wentz were to go down in a division where the Eagles and Cowboys find themselves neck and neck.

Detroit Lions (3-5-1)

With Mathew Stafford’s and Kerryon Johnson’s injuries have shown how hurt the Lions offense is with their absence. It would be no surprise that the lions want to make sure they have a quality man at QB2. This offense has a lot of pass heavy play makers that do great with contested balls, so Kaepernick’s ability to extend plays could prove vital if Stafford’s sidelined longer with that back injury.

San Francisco (8-1)

Odd that you would see the team that cut ties with him at his NFL workout. Maybe it’s a professional courtesy thing? Maybe given their history of Colin leading them to a Super Bowl it is enough for them to at least watch his workout. I don’t see anything wrong with Garoppolo. Most of their passing struggles come from the receiving core, which is why we saw the Emmanuel Sanders Trade not too long ago. But given his experience in the playoffs maybe Kaepernick’s addition is a positive move for the locker room.

Baltimore Ravens (7-2)

Though unconfirmed that there was a scout there from Baltimore, media claimed to spot Ravens personnel during Saturday’s workout. Some may be surprised that the Ravens were spotted in Atlanta with Lamar Jackson’s break out season, but when you analyze the situation there may be a good fit. The 32 year old may have his best years behind him, but a super bowl experienced quarterback can be a good mentor for Lamar Jackson while also being able to fill the role as a mobile quarterback if Jackson finds an injury. And let’s not forget the brotherly connection that John and Jim Harbaugh have. John being the Head Coach for the Ravens and Jim being an ex coach for Colin Kaepernick in their time at San Francisco. Their more than likely was a conversation between the brothers on how he effected the locker room and his skill set he possessed in the Bay Area. Another key element would be the front office and wanting out reach in the community. Baltimore has been a major area affected by police brutality which is what was one of Kaepernick main reasons he began his protest. What better way would it be for Kaepernick, one of the biggest advocates for police brutality, finding a back up role with the ravens while having a home front to continue his cause. While that would be a happy ending to this debacle, are the ravens moving past RGIII? Is the former first overall pick and Heisman trophy winner willing to be a third string quarterback in Baltimore?

Though I believe in his ability to play in the NFL I find it difficult to say that an NFL team will sign him after the dense history between Kaepernick and the organization. However, I think Kaepernick team has put the odds in his favor now that his agent was able to narrow down their search on how teams that could be persuaded to have his clients services.

Review: Kaepernick’s Workout Trouble

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