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A Different Story for the Chiefs vs Chargers

A Different Story for the Chiefs vs Chargers

The Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) got themselves back into the win column this week with their victory over the Los Angeles Chargers (4-7) with a score of 24-17. Most would believe that this game was going to be a high scoring affair with Patrick Mahomes and the legion of zoom going against Phillip Rivers and his offense in Mexico City.

Surprisingly, this game was different. The Chiefs offense came out sloppy in the first half and for the majority of the game with Tyreek Hill out, while the Chargers offense couldn’t get themselves in the end-zone. The Chiefs defense stepped up in this game. When the offense just couldn’t get anything going, the defense made plays having four interceptions (Mathieu, Nnadi, Fenton and Sorensen). In the first half they gave up a ton of yards but only gave up nine points. Going into half time up 10-9.

The second half the Chiefs offense found its groove and was able to really get things going in the third quarter scoring two touchdowns while their defense only allowed one touchdown. In the fourth quarter is when things started to stall again for this Chiefs offense but their defense stepped up again holding the Chargers from scoring for the rest of the game.

The Chargers got a chance to win the game when they got the ball deep in their own territory with 1:52 left in regulation without any of their timeouts. Once they got that ball I felt flashbacks from their last game with the Chiefs at Arrowhead last season when the Chargers who were down by 7 went down the field to score a touchdown and get the two point conversion to win the game thus ending the Chiefs nine game winning streak against the Chargers. But the Chiefs were able to make the play to end the game with Dan Sorensen’s interception in the end-zone.

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This game by all means was ugly but teams need to be able to prove that they can still win games when things aren’t going right. The Chiefs did that when their well oiled machine of an offense stalled. Their often criticized defense stepped up in a big way to win them this football game and man does it feel good to say that. Now hopefully this means that more consistency is too come from this unit on that side of the ball because if so, watch out.

A Different Story for the Chiefs vs Chargers

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