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Raven’s Flock: Week 11- Defense Finds its Stride as Lamar and Co. Shine Again

“[He’s] The MVP front runner, and if any body else got something different to say you can come see me.”

Running Back Mark Ingram

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Mark Ingram was the best hype man to bring in Lamar Jackson for the post game press conference right after a dominant win over the Houston Texans in week 11. With a 70% completion rate, 222 passing yards, and 4 passing touchdowns; how can you still say this guy is not the real deal behind center? With Lamar playing as amazing as he did, the big story is how the Ravens Defense is coming to life as the second half of the season is underway.

Ravens Defense Snubs a Shootout

Deshaun vs. Lamar, is a new rivalry being brought to life by two mobile franchise QB’s being selected lower in the draft than talents like Mitch Tribusky. But seriously, this whole week had everyone mouth-watery over the idea of two high powered offenses teeing off on prime time television just a year after the historic Chiefs-Rams game. And it was a disappointing turnout… for everyone that wasn’t a ravens fan. Highlighting the day with seven sacks and only seven points allowed, it was the best outing to showcase what kind of dominance the ravens can bring on both sides of the ball. But how did the Ravens find their stride?

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The Ravens defense has had to undergo some quick changes trying to fill the absence of Terrell Suggs and Za’Darius Smith. With Mathew Juddon stepping up, he led the day with two sacks and four qb hits. But on a day where five different ravens filled the stat line, the credit has to go to the secondary additions the ravens made. The ravens secondary is stacked with Marlon Humphrey, Jimmy Smith, Brandon Carr, Earl Thomas, Chuck Clark, and newly added Marcus Peters. Before the Marcus Peters trade the ravens led the league in QB hits, and the sacks were missing which led to continued drives and scoring opportunities. Since the trade the ravens have had the highest pressure rate in the league AND forced the second lowest passer rating. Surprisingly, this is coming from a tough stretch in their season, beating the likes of Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, and now Deshaun Watson. This combined with an offense that never punted or conceded a turnover (the first team to do so against the Texans) caused this defense to halt a Texans team from a wild west shootout in the AFC. The Ravens now look to take on the Rams in Week 12 .

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Week 12 in Los Angeles

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Ravens are flying over to Los Angeles to take on the Rams in this Week 12 match up. The Rams are sitting 3rd in the NFC west, behind the 49ers (9-1) and Seahawks (8-2). The Rams this season look like a mere ghost to what they were in 2018 and the record reflects that. Leading the issue is Jared Goff’s performances this season and that was on highlight Monday against the Bears. McVay looked away from Goff, passing on only 18 of 52 offensive snaps. And even on open passes Goff is missing the mark, and it looks like the Rams are losing confidence in him. Goff has the biggest gap from his expected completion rate to his actual. 66.7% to 60.3% and I believe that is why McVay can not be as creative with his play calling this year. I expect McVay to have the same offensive scheme against the ravens, run heavy and away from that rough secondary and get Gurley going. If they fall behind early and Rams resort to going through the air and Robert Woods remains out, expect the Ravens to capitalize on forced turnovers. This could be a big opportunity for Joshua Reynolds, as I expect the secondary to have eyes on Cooper Kupp. Reynolds shined when we played in high school together, in juco, at A&M, and now I believe he has an opportunity to shine for the Rams if Goff can find him; he did last week with a touchdown that was negated by a illegal formation penalty. The Ravens are sitting right behind the 9-1 Patriots and are hoping for a slip on their end to take the number one seed in the AFC. Ravens should be all over the Rams in Week 12 and continue their six game win streak.

Fantasy Reflection/Outlook

Lamar Jackson

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I don’t know how you doubt a guy averaging 27 fantasy points a game. He has a high floor with his mobility and has no sign of being stopped. Aaron Donald may prove some trouble, but the way this O-line has looked and how poised Lamar has been in extending plays you need to start him.

Mark Ingram

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Top 10 RB this season means you start him every game. Ingram has 10 total TDs and has consistent running back to rely on. 20 points last week while producing two touchdowns. He’s a guy that stays on your lineup.

Gus Edwards

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Here’s a guy to keep on your radar for playoffs. Edwards got a workload in this game, but I don’t know if it was because the ravens were cruising to victory or if they want more of a time share with Ingram. In deeper formats he may be a guy to look for if your low on waiver priority and cant manage to scoop Scarborough or Williams and in need of an RB filler. With the Rams being shutdown by the Bears, Edwards can maybe find a workload like he did this game if the score gets lopsided.

Mark Andrews

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How much do the Ravens coaching personnel have to believe in a guys play making ability at TIGHT END to call a shovel pass to him on a fake field goal on 4th and 2. It says a lot. With the exception of two games he is getting targeted at least seven times. Jackson has a lot of trust with Andrews too, finding him for contested catches to move the chains and in the end zone. He is the number two tight end behind Austin Hooper on standard formats. With the inconsistencies at the TE position this year, he is a must start if you have him rostered.

Marquise (Hollywood) Brown

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This rookie started off the season as best as he could and since then has been quite a disappointment. Brown is part of a receiving core that has fewer than 75 catches on the season. This is a credited to the Tight Ends and running backs taking a share of this and the ravens not being in a rush to get the ball down the field. I sold him while he was hot but if you have him rostered he’s a WR3 boom or bust that’s big play/touchdown dependent.

Justin Tucker

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That first quarter was shaky with an offense that seemed like they’d met their match and Tucker missing his first field goal this season. Yes Tucker is human. Things quickly changed and Tucker sunk two more field goals and five extra points. He still remains the top kicker in fantasy and most accurate kicker in the league. With the offense dominating consistently, Tucker has all the opportunity to remain at the top of the rankings.


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I would refer you to the top of the article: Since the addition of Marcus Peters, they have the highest pressure rate and second lowest passer rating even with three elite quarterback match ups. Sitting at a top 5 defense, they should be rostered and started this week.

Bold Prediction

With Robert Woods being out to personal reasons, I believe he will find his way back to the line up. Ravens should consistently drive down the field and force the Rams to throw as they trail in the game early. Rams have a pair of turnovers that separate the game further. Goff can’t make up the difference as the pass rush is on top of him. Ravens 38 Rams 24.

Raven’s Flock: Week 11- Defense Finds its Stride as Lamar and Co. Shine Again

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