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5 Offseason Surprises That Could Win you a Fantasy Football Championship

5 Offseason Surprises That Could Win you a Fantasy Football Championship

Every year some players seem to appear out of nowhere and become fantasy studs. Sometimes it is the start of a great career and fantasy production, but also some have a huge year and then seem to disappear as fast as they appeared. There have been some nice surprises this year, but what can the future hold?

John Brown – WR BUF

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Brown came into this year looking to prove that he was a consistent threat in the passing game. He was drafted this year as the 54th WR off the board at 135.2 ADP (RD 12). So far this year he has exploded currently ranking as WR 13. He is averaging 5.6 receptions a game, so he is getting consistent work and is also averaging 16.2 points a game. Brown has the benefit of having a QB in Allen that is willing to take shots down the field and can also move around to keep plays alive. Allen seems to trust him, so their connection seems to be growing. With Brown signing a contract with the Bills seems to show that he plans to be there for a while. The chemistry he seems to have with Allen will also continue to grow, I think. Currently the Bills are having a great year, even surprising at 7-3. The Bills have a consistent Defense that will help them stay in games, and they also have some young talent on offense that should help them stay relevant. As the Bills improve as they gain more experience playing together, I think that they are going to be a team that has a chance to stay in almost any game. I think that Brown has put in the work to get on the same page with his QB and moving into next year I think that he is going to continue his high level of play in a potentially explosive offense.

Lamar Jackson – QB BAL

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Jackson took over the Ravens last year and he showed some flashes of talent. Coming into this year there was a lot of speculation about his ability to throw the ball. This year he was drafted as QB 10 at ADP 91.6. The Ravens and Jackson started off the season hot and have looked very good as a team. Currently Jackson is QB 1 and has scored 276.1 points, he is also at 66% completions with 8.1 Y/A and is at 19TD to 5 INT. The biggest upside to Lamar is his ability to run having 781 rushing yards and 6 rushing TD’s. The problem with rushing QB’s has always been their durability with taking hits. So far this year Jackson has been very smart when running the ball. He is an elusive runner and has been able to avoid a lot of contact through his speed and vision, but he has also been using his head to protect himself too. When the defense has started to close in on him, he always makes the smart decisions to either get down and avoid contact or to get out of bounds. The Ravens look like a well-rounded team this year, and they also have a lot of young talent. I think that Lamar has shown that he is more than capable of staying in the pocket and letting his arm get the job done through the air to complement his ability to run the ball. As the season has gone on he has shown that the trust with his WR/TE core has grown and there is always the threat of a big play down the field. The Ravens look like they have built a team that can contend in the playoffs for years to come. I expect that as Jackson gains more experience he will also develop into a consistent passer. Moving forward into 2020 the Ravens look like they will be favorites to make the playoffs, and their success will be linked to Jackson’s outstanding performance to continue.

Josh Jacobs – RB OAK

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The Raiders started the year off with lots of drama on HBO, and the expectations for the team was average. Jacobs was not in the picture for most of the drama and seemed to be putting in the work to be the starting RB for Oakland. He was drafted this year as the 17th RB off the board at ADP 28. He has exceeded those expectations and is currently RB 9 averaging 4.8 Y/A and 16.4 points a game and has found the endzone 7 times. He seems to be far and away the best back that the Raiders have, and in Gruden’s offenses the RB has normally been a workhorse back. He has taken the bulk of the carries and has been very productive so far. In addition to this I think that he has shown that he is a durable back that is willing to play through some pain and discomfort. The Raiders have had an up and down season so far but are in contention to make the playoffs. They seem to be trending in the right direction and improving their play as a team. Jacobs is a piece of that puzzle and he really helps the team with his aggressive run style. Whether they make the playoffs or not the outlook for the Raiders and Jacobs is looking optimistic. I think that Jacobs is going to be a vital piece in the Raiders success. As his game improves as he gains experience I think that he is going to become a top 10 back that gets the bulk of the work.

Emmanuel Sanders – WR SF

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Sanders started the year with the Broncos and was recovering from an Achilles injury. It was impressive how mobile he was coming into the year after his injury, and he was being productive. Then he was traded to the 49ers and was brought into a undefeated team that has high aspirations. Since joining the 49ers he is averaging 5.75 targets a game with an average of 11.3 yards a target. He has also found the endzone twice in 4 games which matches his production through the rest of the season in Denver. The 49ers have looked dominant this year so far, but the one question about their offense was the production of their WR core. It made sense that they made a move to get a veteran into the WR core to help the younger guys learn the game, and bring the level of play up to help Jimmy G. Sanders showed that he was committed to bringing his best when he showed up in San Francisco. As soon as he arrived, he dove into learning the playbook as fast as possible, and he also made sure to reach out to his new QB. They spent as much time as they could find together gaining the chemistry needed to be successful. This has shown on the field, and it has given the 49ers a true number one receiver for defenses to worry about. The 49ers have looked good this year so far in all aspects of the game. Their defense has been a surprise and they look like they have the talent to compete for a playoff spot for years to come. I think that Sanders is going to be a great addition to the team and should be able to help elevate the play of those around him. I think that he has shown that he is invested in being a team player and will do what it takes to be a good teammate. Especially after he has a full offseason to learn the playbook and his team, I expect that he is going to be a dynamic playmaker for this team.

Mark Andrews – TE BAL

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The Ravens came into this year looking to make a statement. Andrews has been a part of their success so far this year. He was drafted as the 12th TE in drafts this year and looked like he could be a good option at this position.  Andrews has had a stellar year so far and is currently TE 3 averaging 12.5 yards per reception and 14.2 fantasy points per game and has found the endzone 6 times so far. He has chemistry with Jackson and has been a constant target when the Ravens get in scoring position. This chemistry should improve as time goes on and moving forward. If the Ravens keep being productive on offense, they are going to be hard to defend. I think Andrews is going to have a definitive role as the primary TE in the offense. He has shown that he has the speed and strength to be a top TE. As the Ravens improve, I think that Andrews could be a huge part of their continued success and could very well end up being a top 5 TE next year and into the future.

5 Offseason Surprises That Could Win you a Fantasy Football Championship

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