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Fantasy Defenses to add for the Playoffs

Fantasy Defenses to add for the Playoffs

The 49ers and Patriots have been playing at an elite level this year and are two of the best defenses in fantasy, but not everyone can have an elite defense on their team. Heading into the playoffs having a good DST could be the difference in making it past your opponent. As teams continue to fight for playoff contention there have been some DST that are coming on strong, and the schedule for some of the better DST’s in the first have of the year are getting tougher as the season goes on. So, who should you pick up to get you over the top in the playoffs?

Philadelphia Eagles

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The Eagles have been playing better in the middle part of the season, and their play has kept them in games. For the rest of the season, the Eagles are going to face the 4th easiest schedule for their defense. The Eagles have some games left that could be huge for them. They will face the Dolphins, Giants twice, Redskins, and the Cowboys. They will have 4 games against some very weak and turnover-prone offenses, and the games against the Cowboys will be at home in December. I think that with this setup and how they have been playing recently means that they will be a top 10 defense the rest of the year.

Oakland Raiders

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The Raiders have been playing great defense this year. They have been greatly helped by some of the rookies they got in the draft this year. They have looked dominant at times and control the line of scrimmage. They have also been excelling at getting pressure on QB’s amassing 26 sacks this year so far. The Raiders are going to face the 8th easiest schedule the rest of the season. Their run defense has been very good this year and with matchups against teams that are very run-heavy, I think that the Raiders are going to put themselves into a position where they can be successful and make the push to the playoffs that they are looking for. They are available in a lot of leagues still this year and they could easily be the solution to a struggling D/ST to end the year.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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The Steelers have been on a run this year. There were a few disappointments early in the year when the team had a new starting QB in the mix that put them in a bad situation. After the trade for Minkah Fitzpatrick, the Steelers Defense started to produce. Currently, the Steelers have the 2nd best turnover differential in the NFL at +10, and the defense has 14 interceptions and 14 fumble recoveries. This team knows how to attack the ball and get it back for their team. For the rest of the year, the Steelers will have some great matchups against the Browns, Cardinals, and Jets and overall will face the 3rd easiest schedule for their DST. They will also face the Bills and in the last game of the year, they will face the Ravens. If the Steelers keep playing the way they have been they could very well be the league winner or at least not a league loser that you are looking for.

Fantasy Defenses to add for the Playoffs

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