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Minnesota Vikings Week 13 Preview

Minnesota Vikings Week 13 Preview

It’s a bitter sweet week for us Vikings fans. We are fresh off a win, that we should be proud of but sadly we have to go 2 weeks without Vikings football. I believe it will be beneficial for the team as (hopefully) some of our players can heal up nicely. I know I definitely want Harrison Smith, Linval Joseph, and Adam Thielen back for their next game against Seattle.

Before we talk about Seattle, I want to talk about the Denver game. It was a game full of anger, heartbreak, then finally excitement and happiness as the Vikings pulled off the biggest point deficit comeback they have had in years. Let’s start with how their offense played. Now they didn’t look good the first half, they could not get drives going and there was no running attack to be found. It didn’t help that their offense never had a chance to really get out there as their defense let the Broncos practice squad QB throw all over them. The defense was just not good the first half either. They couldn’t stop Denver from running through them and Rhodes seemed to get beat over and over again. Sendejo got that interception at the end of the first half, which was nice, but it didn’t turn to anything as the offense blew a chance for even attempting 3 points.

The second half was a different story. The Vikings came out and their offense played like a whole different team. Captain Kirk was on point with is throws and his receivers were getting open. That beautiful roll out to the left and the perfect pass to Diggs for a 54 yard touchdown was something to dream about for days to come. I have yet to figure out why they don’t do those more consistently, Cousins throws nothing but dimes when he rolls out to the left. Cousins was 29/35 for pass attempts, with 319 yards and 3 touchdowns. I can’t complain about that. Yet they still never really found a running game, which is unfortunate as I want to see Cook continue to lead the league in rushing yards. He finished with only 26 yards on 11 carries. The team finished with only 37 yards. They are supposed to be a running team, so that needs to get fixed now if they want a playoff run. Denver had 124 rushing yard, just to compare the two. I think Cook will fix this as he is a beast of a runner and Denver has a good defense. I will allow Cook to have one bad game since he has been nothing but an MVP runner the rest of the season. He did break a thousand rushing yards in that game, which is very impressive. He is now at 1,017 yards with 11 touchdowns. With 5 games to go, he can easily make those numbers even better.

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Now for the Defense. They were able to stop the the Broncos offense from scoring more then 3 points in the second half. Mind you we trailed 20-0 in the second half. The CB’s continued to get burned on plays which is very worrisome. A guy like Russel Wilson will be able to throw with ease if they play like that again vs Seattle. Harris the Hit man Smith left the game with a minor injury and that is never good for our defense. Luckily we have Sendejo back and have a good Safety in Anthony Harris. When we play Russel Wilson and Company, our defense will have to be better, Wilson has embarrassed us too many times. May I remind you of a play where the Vikings Defense let him run around the backfield looking for a receiver for 20 minutes, before he finally threw it and got within 4 yards of the end zone…oh also he fumbled the ball at the beginning of the play.

All in all, I am very proud of this team. They have surpassed my expectations. I never thought they would be doing this good with Kirk Cousins. He just didn’t seem like the right fit, and I was one of the ones who was blaming him, and for good reason. He has stepped up and proved that he can lead this football team and I believe that they will make a run for the Super Bowl. There is not a team out there that I think the Vikings can’t beat. It will always be a close game but this week proved that they have changed and know how to handle a tough situation. I am excited to see how this play’s out. SKOL!

Minnesota Vikings Week 13 Preview

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