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Biggest Fantasy Surprises of 2019

Biggest Fantasy Surprises of 2019

Continuing our fantasy awards season as we are one week out of playoffs, it’s time to take a look at the unexpected events of the year. Dual threat QBs have dominated, backups came in bunches and receivers have disappointed. Every season there are huge breakouts and huge fallouts. 2019 was probably one of the most wild seasons we have had in a while. So, let’s recongize the biggest shockers of the season.

The Run-CMC Show

McCaffery single handidly has won fantasy owners a LOT of games. Nonetheless, CMC has been in the MVP conversation all year long. As Carolina’s new number one guy, he took on that mantle with lots of courage and dealt out a lot of hurt to opposing defenses. Easily being the guy everyone wished they took first overall, McCaffery is regularly considered the number one fantasy player every week. Whoever has McCaffery is most definitly in the playoff race and this is a guy who may single handidly win you your league. He doesn’t rest, he doesn’t get lazy, he’s a workhorse until the clock hits zero.

No one really expected this level of dominance out of CMC. Even though most people assumed he would be a top fantasy option, this level of play is beyond insane for the best running back in fantasy. He’ll be at the top of everyone’s draft board next season, and he’ll guaranteed be an annual top 10 player.

D/ST In The Top 15?

We all know about the dominace displayed by the Patriots in the past few years. Often, we talk about how amazing Tom Brady and the offense had been in all those seasons. This year, the takeover came from the defense.

In Fantasy, the Patriots D/ST has been a top 15 fantasy play almost all year long. Recording crazy fantasy numbers even some of the best fantasy options WISH they could have. Guys like Saquon, JuJu, Odell, etc., cannot even touch what the Patriots D/ST has put up all year. While the competitive level of some of the teams they’ve played comes into quetion, in fantasy that can only mean good things.

This is likely going to be a one time thing for fantasy. As the talent level in the AFC grows, even the Patriots will become victims eventually. However, a monster season like this shouldn’t be slept on, and this defense will go down as the greatest fantasy defense of all time.

The MVP Race

The MVP race has defenitely had an impact on fantasy this season. Jackson, Wilson, Mahomes, CMC and more have been tearing it up in a quest to be the best player in football. Which, in turn, has hevily benefitted fantasy owners everywhere. The amount of breakout fantasy stars this year is incredible, as dual threats like MVP frontrunners Wilson and Jackson have proven the ability to put up huge numbers.

While the fantasy MVP and the regular season MVP might be two different players, in reality, every fantasy owner wins this season. Almost every owner has had a fantasy stud on their roster, and speaking from experience, lots of leagues have been insanely competitive. This season will go down as one of the best fantasy seasons in a very long time.


Something has been going on this season with receivers of all kinds. Wideouts and tight ends have been one of the most disappointing groups we’ve seen in a while. Odell, Juju, Ertz, AB, Kittle, Green, the list goes on. Even running backs like Saquon and David Johnson have fallen much short of expectations. While this list can mostally be chalked up to injuries, new systems, uncompetitive teams and taking on a new role, it’s strange to see this many guys taken within the first four rounds be seen as disappointments.

As stated earlier, this is an insane season, crazy things have happened both good and bad, and this in unlikely to be the trend for future seasons. Odell and JuJu will likely be top 20 guys, Green might find a new enviroment, AB is gone, and Kittle/Ertz will heal up and reload for 2020. In a season full of shocks, this has got to be the biggest one, and it may have screwed over quite a few owners who invested highly in these guys.

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Biggest Fantasy Surprises of 2019

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