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Early Look At Draft Prospects For The Giants

By: Frank Astrab

The New York Giants are a bad football team. It is safe to say that any chance of a playoff berth have slipped away and its due time to look forward to the draft in the spring. Now, it is very early to do this, however this write-up will be the first in a series of articles tracking the progress and relationship of the players at the top of the draft pool in the coming months. Let’s get started.

Chase Young

The Giants would benefit from a high end pass-rushing presence coming off the edge, as any team would in a passing league. Chase Young (6’5 265 IBS) is the next in the line of high impact defensive ends with elite traits that have entered the league since 2014. For context, whilst Young doesn’t have the same head-on technique as a Nick Bosa, he does have the same strength and speed along with incredible side-to-side agility which he uses to push AWAY from his player assignment. Along with a good amount of bendiness, Young is able to use either the inside gap or outside edge, beating the offensive tackle with versatility. His stance and run are wide set for maximum leverage. Finally, Young’s pass rushing tools are accompanied with disciplined run defense tactics, using the horizontal agility for great range. Chase Young should not fall past the top two teams in the draft and would fit in perfectly on the young Giants defensive line which displays a heavy emphasis on speed and physicality.

Andrew Thomas

On the flip-side on the trenches there may be an even more pressing need for the New York Giants, long term consistency on the offensive line, especially the outside. On the interior there is a mix of solidified youth and veteran talent, however Mike Remmers and Nate Solder hold the tackle spots and it could be argued they are losing a step. Nate Solder has a PFF grade of 66.8 and is tied for 2nd in the league, giving up 9 sacks thus far. There is also a recent shared injury issue between the two. That’s where Georgia product Andrew Thomas comes into frame. Another consensus, projected top 5 selection will be in-range for the Giants. Thomas, 6’5 320 is well-filled out with a thick frame and has a good build for a NFL level offensive lineman. Thomas has springy footwork to use in pass-protection against modern edge rushers, like Young who are wide-set focused on speed. He stands in his spot acting as a solid anchor, absorbing momentum and winning on first contact, with good balance and hand placement. He displays good leverage and posture as well as playing every game for Georgia with health and consistency. On the other hand, Thomas is average at best in zone concepts, pull blocking and climb blocking, compromising good hip and foot placement to get around to his assignment. His processes in run defense could bear to improve. But he is still a complete prospect that can fill in on site.

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