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Fantasy Football 2019: Who to Trust for the Bucs in Week 14

Fantasy Football 2019: Who to Trust for the Bucs in Week 14

It’s that time again…

If you’re one of the lucky ones that made it to playoffs, it’s not over yet.

If you’re one of the players teetering from qualifying for playoffs or ending the road, sit tight.

I’m about to go through whom you can and cannot rely on from the Bucs in these crucial weeks to come.

Jameis Winston (QB) has some impressive stats that you cannot ignore in the 2019 season. He has the third most passing attempts (467) and the 6th most completions (297).  His passing completion percentage is 45/50 in the league (60.2%), however, with his numbers, he has more potential than other quarterbacks in the league. Winston has the sixth most passing attempts per game, averaging 38.9. Winston has the second most passing yards this season, at 3,659, only trailing behind Dak Prescott. Winston averages 304.9 passing yards per game, again with the third spot on the season. Winston is tied for sixth most passing touchdowns (22) with Aaron Rodgers. The positive ranking above from Winston outweighs his terrible interception record; the most in the league at 20.

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If you have Winston, I would suggest utilizing him. The numbers prove that he has great potential. He has his negative moments, but overall, he is a solid quarterback.

Ronald Jones II (RB) has 125 rushing attempts this season putting him at 22nd in the league, averaging 10.4 attempts per game making him 34th overall. This season, he has 482 yards, 28th among running backs, with a 3.9 yard average (62nd). He has 40.2 yards per game (38th). His performance resulted in five touchdowns (14th) and he has no fumbles.

Ronald Jones II is a boom or bust player. In the past couple weeks; he has performed on both ends of the spectrum with a great performance against the Falcons and a poor performance against the Jaguars. He shouldn’t be relied upon for playoffs since he has been inconsistent.

Peyton Barber (RB) has 122 rushing attempts this season, ranking as the 25th running back for rushing attempts this season. He is averaging 10.2 attempts per game, 34th in the league. Overall, he has 396 rushing yards (37th).  Unfortunately, he only averages 3.2 rushing yards, making him 94th. This isn’t a great statistic for fantasty. He averages a meager 33 yards per game (48th). Barber has six touchdowns (10th overall), which definitely helps his fantasy outlook and no fumbles.

Barber is a decent running back but like Jones, he has boom or bust weeks. In the past couple of weeks, he has been hit or miss, with a great game against the Jaguars, a poor performance against the falcons, and a decent performance against the Saints. I would advise against relying on him for fantasy playoffs.

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Chris Godwin (WR) has 74 receptions, 6th in the league. He has the second highest receiving yards (1,121). Godwin averages 15.1 yards per catch and 93.4 yards per game (second in the league). In this season, Godwin had a 71 yard touchdown, the tenth longest. In total, he has nine touchdowns, putting him in first.

Godwin has had a great season, scoring well for fantasy. If you have him, play him without question.

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Mike Evans (WR) has 66 receptions, 11th in the season. He totals 1096 receiving yards, (3rd) with an average of 16.6 receiving yards per catch (34th). He averages 91.3 yards per game (3rd). His longest reception was for 67 yards resulting in a touchdown. So far this season, Evan has seven touchdowns, ranking 6th.

Evans is a really strong player who has played well all year and I advise you to play him as the momentum continues.

O.J. Howard (TE) only has 23 receptions, 34th totaling in 294 receiving yards. (27th). He averages 12.8 yards per reception and 29.4 receiving yards per game. His longest reception was 30 yards. He has only one touchdown this season.

Howard’s most targets this season was seven in week ten. He hasn’t had many opportunities and it doesn’t appear that will change. Don’t count on him to do much for you in your fantasy playoffs.

Cameron Brate (TE) has 26 receptions this season (28th) for 229 yards (34th). He averages 8.8 yards per catch and 19.1 yards per game. Brate has two touchdowns this season.

The tight ends on the Bucs have not been targeted a whole lot. Brate had one stand out game week 11 against the Saints. I advise against using him.

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The Buccaneers defense has performed very well the last two weeks after having had a less than stellar season. In the past couple weeks; the defense has scored a touchdown in each game with a minimum of five sacks. Also in that time frame, the defense has three interceptions and three fumble recoveries. If this momentum continues, use them as a ‘secret weapon’. With the poor performance for the majority of the season, this defense is an unexpected gem with strong potential upside.

Fantasy Football 2019: Who to Trust for the Bucs in Week 14

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