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10 Best Fantasy Players of the Last Ten Seasons

10 Best Fantasy Players of the Last Ten Seasons

With the one of the greatest decades coming to a close, a lot of people have been encapsulating the previous ten years. From the Saint’s legendary super bowl run to 28-3 to this years insane race for the Lombardi trophy. However, we are here to discuss fantasy, and there have been some crazy players this decade. The dominance of Le’veon Bell, the consistency of Julio Jones, and of course, anyone from the 2013 Broncos. Let’s take a dive and rank the top ten, of the last ten seasons.

2012: RB Adrian Peterson

Fantasy Points: 309 standard, 347 PPR

NFL MVP. Fantasy Player of the Year. Offensive Player of the Year. 2012 rushing yards leader. Peterson’s 2012 season was something to behold. All made crazier by the fact that he was coming off of an ACL tear. Peterson was the Vikings only option on offense, which meant more touches and more attention. In a year where fantasy value was rather low, Peterson was the star. Yet, even though seasons like this have come and gone for running backs, none of them have captured the prestigious NFL MVP award. Peterson may very well be the last running back for the year to come to win the MVP award, which is surely a recognition he’ll cherish.

2017: RB Todd Gurley

Fantasy Points: 319 standard, 383 PPR

Todd Gurley proved he was capable of being a workhorse despite his injury history. After an electric start to his career during a short season, Gurley slumped a bit in 2016. However, once Jared Goff came and they moved to LA, Gurley blew up into the superstar he is today. Once again, a kind of quiet year for fantasy, Gurley was a value pick seeing as his fantasy stock dropped from 2016. Many were able to mix Gurley with the likes of Fournette or Elliott, which lead to deadly combos. While is 2018 season far out weighed this one, Gurley proved he was capable of being a workhorse, which is one of the best values in a fantasy star.

2016: RB David Johnson

Fantasy points: 328 standard, 408 PPR

David Johnson bursted onto the scene in 2016. Being a relatively unknown player, especially for fantasy. Which meant that he must have been one of the greatest waiver wire pick ups of all time. Johnson proved to be a threat both on the ground and through the air, even lining up as a slot WR. Unfortunately, DJ’s career would never really be the same. Due to the multiple injuries the next couple seasons, fantasy owners patiently waited for the David Johnson return that we all expected. However, due to a mix of injuries and a terrible Cardinals team, he has yet to return to that form.

2010: RB Arian Foster

Fantasy points: 330 standard, 392 PPR

Some of you may remember how good Arian Foster was in his hay day. Foster was once one of the most sought after players for fantasy owners. He finished his career with the record for most scrimmage yards ever by an undrafted player. So, let me flash you back to the start of the decade. Foster had finished with the most fantasy points, even over all starting QBs and one the rushing title for 2010. As we close the decade, it is amazing to see how far the league has come. As we have hastily moved to a QB dominant league, it’s crazy to think that once upon a time Arian Foster was the greatest fantasy player in the league.

2014: QB Aaron Rodgers

Fantasy points: 358

This is the first of two times Rodgers appears on this list. 2014 was quite the season. Odell Beckham bursted onto the scene, the Patriots sealed a Super Bowl victory on a legendary goal line interception, and Aaron Rodgers was still Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers won his 2nd MVP award in 2014 and also was the highest scoring fantasy player. Coming off of Peyton Manning’s legendary season, this signaled the turning tide of Quarterbacks becoming the dominant role on an offense. While I’ll save some of this for the second time Rodgers appears, 2014 was more of a warm-up for Rodgers than anything.

2015: QB Cam Newton

The Panthers’ legendary 2015 season was one dominated by one name. Cam. A 15-1 record, NFL MVP, 35 TDs through the air and 10 more on the ground. No one had a game plan to stop Cam Newton. Well, the Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos can be considered exceptions to that. Nonetheless, Cam has become a prototype for a lot of dual threat with cannons for arms. Such as Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. Cam’s 2015 season can be seen as the catalyst for scrambling QBs becoming mainstream in the NFL. And all that means for fantasy owners is more points, more points and more points. Of course, no one was upset about having Cam on their roster, as he was very consistent and mostly unstoppable.

2011: QB Aaron Rodgers

Long time no see Mr. Rodgers. Aarons first MVP outing was a spectacular one. One year removed from his Super Bowl victory, Rodgers was on a mission this season. 4600+ yards and 45 touchdowns easily won Rodgers the MVP award. If anything, this season finally cemented him as the legend he was born to be. Of course we know about his second MVP follow up three years later. But in general, Rodgers has dominated fantasy leagues every year he’s been healthy. There is seriously no stopping this, and 2011 proved all of this before it even started.

2019: QB Lamar Jackson

Fantasy points: 351 (on pace for 405)

Lamar Jackson very narrowly edged out RB Christian McCaffery for this spot. For one reason only. No one can figure out this guy. Lamar is impossible to predict and even harder to stop. He can tuck it and run it, he can fake you and bomb it, or he can do some crazy wacky mix of both. Lamar has been doubted and hated on since DAY ONE. It’s clearly he is absolutely fed up with all the talk and wishes to silence everyone with what appears to be a season that has him locked in as MVP winner. (Noticing a trend here with most of these guys? How they all won MVP? I thought so.) Much like Cam, the art of the dual threat QB has greatly benefited fantasy owners, and Lamar is as much of an All-Pro QB as he is an All-Star running back, which hasn’t been seen since the glory days of one Michael Vick.

2013: QB Peyton Manning

Fantasy points: 414

The sheriff. There’s nothing much more to say. In 2013, Manning set the record for most passing yards (5477) and touchdowns (55). Manning won MVP. Manning this Manning that. Let’s put it plain and simple. Peyton fricking Manning is the best Quarterback of all time. There’s nothing much else to be said, 2013 was a jaw dropping season for him. With the likes of Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders helping Manning all the way. The end of the season was quite disappointing, but of course that would be all made up 2 years later in Super Bowl 50. Despite this, Manning is SOMEHOW not the highest scoring fantasy player this decade. That honor belongs to someone very special, and very young.

2018: QB Patrick Mahomes

Fantasy points: 417

Mahomes very narrowly beat out Manning for this spot. His first year as a full tme starter and only second year in the league, Mahomes shocked EVERYONE by throwing for 5000+ yards and 50 touchdowns. He was ever so close to the marks set by Peyton Manning half a decade ago. However, Mahomes legs is what beat out Peyton. Mahomes is a talented freak the likes of which the NFL has never seen. He can run as good as Cam Newton, throwing power of Josh Allen and the accuracy of Aaron Rodgers PLUS the intelligence of one Tom Brady. Mahomes is fixing up to be one of the most legendary QBs in NFL history. His 2018 season guaranteed won people all their leagues. Because he had a very low ADP, which means you could have guys like Julio, Zeke, GUrley, etc and THEN snag Mahomes, who finishes off our list with the best single season fantasy performance in NFL history.

What do you guys think about this list? If you want to see more articles like this, lemme know on Twitter and always be sure to check out my latest article!

10 Best Fantasy Players of the Last Ten Seasons

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