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Daniel Jones Report Card

Daniel Jones Report Card

Daniel Jones’ start to his career has been book ended by a very-high high and a very-low low. He started off the season against Tampa Bay Buccaneers hitting on all cylinders with mobility, arm strength and pocket awareness and a stat line of 63.9% completion, 2 passing touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns, 336 passing yards and 112.7 passer rating. Recently, he threw 3 interceptions on very bad throws against Green Bay Packers and an apparent high ankle sprain. Let’s take a look at the in-between of these events.

Beginning with the positives, in his debut Jones posted 23/36, 63.5% completion, 336 yards, 2 touchdowns and an additional 2 on the ground. Continually, Jones’s arm strength and willingness to throw deep was showcased. This was surprising considering He was heralded for his conservative play style, ball control and premium use of his legs. He broke this mold ten fold showing excellent mobility, arm strength and most importantly ball placement. Jones additionally showed a very high football IQ with both good decision making with his throws but also his awareness/pocket presence. For example, on a pressure by defensive end Vinny Curry Jones’ sensed him five steps before he arrived and slid to a more open spot beside the hash. This is a defining piece of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Carson Wentz’s arsenals. Since Week 3 the arm strength, ball placement and mobility have all remained but what has went away is some of the decision making and Jones has reverted into rookie tendencies and some bad habits.

Circling back to the negatives, Jones has repeated issues with reading defenses and ball security. For example, during the Week 12 against the Green Bay Packers Jones threw an atrocious ball in the direction of safety Darnell Savage Jr. There was no receiver in the immediate area but seems as if there was a target over the top of Savage. Combined with the bad read Jones also displays bad mechanics on this play, he slumps his shoulders and upper back as he steps into the throw, likely compensating for the wetness of the ball, nonetheless it led to an ugly release and allowed Savage to make the interception. Continuing on the topic of ball security, Jones’ pocket presence and awareness has taken a sharp decrease and nerves have set in. Now, heavy blame can be placed on the Giants offensive lineman for lack of protection but it is the quarterback’s duty to sense this pressure and avoid it, as Jones did in the Tampa Bay contest, although he’s went away from it. However, these are fixable problems for a young quarterback, as Jones gains more NFL experience and faces more coverage’s and pressures he will settle into good habits. Amalgamated with what he showed in the Buccaneers game, I have full confidence he will be the Giants franchise quarterback for years to come.

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Daniel Jones Report Card

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