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Buccaneers 2019 Fantasy Football: Who to Sit/Start in Week 15

Buccaneers 2019 Fantasy Football: Who to Sit/Start in Week 15

We are nearing the end of Fantasy Football, and with only two weeks left, every game has to be strategic and flawless. This week, the Bucs (6-7) are playing the Detroit Lions (3-9-1). You can anticipate to see some players explode this week from the Bucs based on the fact that the Lions lost the last six games and the Bucs are wanting to extend their winning streak to four. Now to the specifics…


Jameis Winston (QB) has had a huge year. Last week against the Colts, he threw for a career-high 456 yards. His three interceptions were answered with four passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. He has had an incredible season thus far and this match up should be great for your fantasy team to help carry you to finals.

Chris Godwin (WR) is the go-to guy on the Bucs offense. Since Mike Evans (WR) is out due to an injury, Godwin will be the main target. Since the Lions don’t have a great defense, Godwin should still be able to get open and have an explosive game. We saw a preview of what that would look like in week 14.

O.J. Howard (TE) has potential to boom this week. Again, with Evans out, there is the possibility that Winston will actually utilize him. If Godwin is well covered, Brate and Howard will see more touches this week making them unexpected fantasy gems here in week 15.

Breshad Perriman (WR) will be a boom or bust for you in week 15. With Evans out and Godwin the clear favorite, someone will need to get open to make plays for the Bucs. Perriman got a touchdown and 70 yards last week against the Colts. If you lack receivers and need someone that has the potential for a great game, play Perriman, he might have a huge week against the Lions.


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Mike Evans (WR) will be out for the rest of the season due to suffering a hamstring injury in week 14. This is devastating for anybody who had him as he is a great player that has had a strong season. Since regular season is almost over, the Bucs don’t want to strain him by trying to get him in the game. Therefore, his season is over.

Cameron Brate (TE) hasn’t seen as many targets as Howard in the past few weeks with merely one target in weeks 12 and 13. Although he did get a touchdown last week, it was just a lucky three yard catch by being at the right place at the right time in the end zone. I would advise you sit him this week, there’s not a whole lot to expect with him despite Evans being out.

Peyton Barber (RB) doesn’t get a lot of attention during the games. Him and Jones are not the players the Bucs are looking to use and that’s been apparent all season. If he has a good game, that will be out of the norm. Expect low numbers from him yet again in week 15.

Ronald Jones II (RB) has had to share the role of running back with Barber. With neither of them standing out this year, also expect low performance from him.

Dare Ogunbowale (RB) is yet another running back on the Bucs offense that isn’t seeing a whole lot of action. The three of them are being targeted almost equally which means you shouldn’t rely on any of the Bucs running backs to do well. There is no certainty in any of them having a great week.

Tampa Bay Defense had a great couple of games in weeks 11 and twelve, but had a poor performance against the Colts. With Blough taking over for Stafford as quarterback, the Bucs should be able to keep the Lions from scoring. However, they have had an overall poor performance this year so I wouldn’t take the chance.

Buccaneers 2019 Fantasy Football: Who to Sit/Start in Week 15

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