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Vikings vs Chargers Preview: How the Vikings Move Forward in their Playoff Push

Vikings vs Chargers Preview: How the Vikings Move Forward in their Playoff Push

It is a nerve racking time in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The Minnesota Vikings currently hold the 6th seed of the NFC. There are 3 games left of the 2019 season and the Vikings control their own destiny with those 3 games. If they manage to win out, they would head to the playoffs. If they loose all of them, Chicago and the L.A. Rams both have a chance to take the 6th seed spot. Now both of those teams would basically have to win out and have the Vikings Lose out for them to make it, which is not likely, but crazier things have happened.

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This week, the Vikings take on the Chargers. Now the Vikings all in all should win this game. I believe they have a better rounded team and are more electric on offense. In all honestly, it will come down to the QB’s and what version of them will show up. If the HOF Philip Rivers shows up, the Vikings defense might be in trouble, but say 2019 season Rivers shows up, the Vikings should pull out a win. Now lets flip the table, If Kirk Cousins reverts back to his old self and can’t play any type of football in the spotlight, the Chargers could easily win. Now if this Season Elite Kirk Cousins shows up, along with Adam Thielen, there will be no stopping Minnesota’s high powered offense. The real question is which Caption Kirk vs Rivers will we have? No one knows.

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Lets talk a bit about last week shall we. The Vikings played a solid game vs the Detroit Lions. Kirk Cousins was 24/30, 242 yards with a touchdown. Captain Kirk played solid all game. He had some very pretty throws, that TD pass to Bisi Johnson was almost too perfect. It was too high for any defender, but not too high for Bisi Johnson, who apparently has a 50 in Vertical….Okay not quite that, but it was impressive nonetheless. Cook had 62 yards and 1 TD. Now I know Cooks stats have slipped a bit, but I would not say he has gotten any worse. If you see him play, he is an electric player, Alexander Mattison has just been helping take the load off. Mattison finished with 46 yards. Stefon Diggs almost had a 100 yard game, he finished with 92 yards on 6 receptions. Now for people saying Diggs is not a top 10 WR. Just look at what he does even without his partner in crime Adam Thielen. Diggs is getting all sorts of yards and catches with Treadwell and Johnson out there with him. Now I am not saying those guys are bad, Johnson is a rookie and is still learning but has been very impressive thus far. Treadwell has been showing some flashes of his college days. Like when he caught the pass and it took 3 guys to bring him down. That’s what Vikings favs have wanted all this time. A big WR who can’t be brought down by a single Defense back. If he can keep this up, he might just have a spot next year.

Their defense played alright for the most part. They kept the Lions to 0 points till the 4th quarter and it was the second team defense that allowed them to score. The final of the game was 20-7 Vikings. Now that isn’t as much of a distance as I wanted to see. The vikings should have been 40-7 easily. Their offense for some reason was just not scoring on every drive even though they seemed like they could have. The Defense did a good job stopping the Lions 3rd sting QB and 5th string RB. No I mean it, Bo Scarbrough, the lions starting RB, wasn’t even playing in the NFL 5 weeks ago. He joined their practice squad in November due to starters injuries and then became the starter after more injuries. That is why the Score should have been more, the lions offense was full of non starters.

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I think this week will be a fun, hard fought game with so much on the line. With Thielen coming back that opens up their already top offense even more. Before Thielens injury he had 391 yards on just 27 catches. He also has 6 Touchdowns. I think the Vikings can pull it off and start to solidify their spot in the playoffs, but big time games has not been kind to the Vikings lately. Only time will tell.

Vikings vs Chargers Preview: How the Vikings Move Forward in their Playoff Push

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