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Green Bay vs Minnesota: Playoff Underdogs Square off for the Division

Green Bay vs Minnesota: Playoff Underdogs Square off for the Division

This week the Minnesota Vikings host the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. This is a HUGE game for the Vikings. They have a perfect record at home this year as they are 6-0. They are 4-4 on the road. With a win this week, they will have a definite spot in the playoffs, or also with a rams loss. With a win over Green Bay and Chicago they would finish the season 12-4. If the Packers managed to lose both games, Vikings would be able to get some home field advantage, which they will need if they want a solid playoff run. It should be a close, hard fought game.

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Now, before we get into the Green Bay game, lets talk about the Vikings dominance over the Chargers. I mean WHAT A GAME! The first quarter the Chargers made me feel like it would be a game that comes down to the wire, but boy was I wrong. The last three quarters, Minnesota took complete control of the game and dominated in every phase. Their offense, led by Kirk Cousins, had their way with the Charges defense. They didn’t need all those explosive plays they usually create, instead, they just kept pushing the defense with small chunks of yards. Minnesota had 8 different guys carry the rock. Dalvin cook kept grinding up yards before he got hurt. Cook finished the game with only 27 yards, but those yards were mostly just to grind the defense down. Mike Boone came in to an already defeated Chargers defense and put up 56 yards and 2 TD’s. Not too bad for a RB3. Kirk Cousins was throwing darts to his receivers and letting them do their magic. Caption Kirk finished 19-25 207 yards, 1 TD, 1Int. Kirk Cousins is showing that he can lead the team to a win when they desperately need it and fans hope to see it again Monday Night.

Now lets talk about the Defense. They Defense felt almost the same as they have in recent years except one part, their CB’s. Rhodes got hurt early in the game and Mike Hughes got burned over and over again. Hughes did get an Interception, but that was in garbage time. The rest of the Defense shined. Harrison Smith and Anthony Harris both had interceptions as well. The front line was putting pressure on Rivers the whole game and got a fumble and forced him to throw 3 INT’s. Rivers looked lost all game and just kept making mental errors. Danielle Hunter had a great game and has been in the talk of Defense player of the year. He had 5 tackles, a sack, 2 forced fumbles and one fumble recovery. Now THAT is impressive. Now let’s not forget about Vikings Defensive End Ifeadi Odenigbo’s TD! After Hunter knocked the ball out of Rivers hands, Odenigbo scooped it up and ran it 56 yards to the house. It was a great play for the 3rd year end. Overall the Defense looked like a Mike Zimmer defense. They just have to fix the Pass Defense if they are going to play the likes of Rodgers, Wilson, and Brees.

Let’s talk about the Green Bay game. There is a few things fans should be worried about, and a few things that should make you feel Confident. Kirk Cousins has been a whole different quarterback since the last time he faced the green and gold. He has been borderline elite in his play and he has the stats and wins to prove it. They are playing in Minnesota, which is always a plus. Vikings fans love to make it loud while the opposing team is on defense. Thielen is back and will look to make more of an impact, since in his return game Minnesota didn’t need him to be a super hero. Zimmer is great at stopping Aaron Rodgers and will look to do it again. Now for the bad. Cook and Mattison are both questionable to play. There is plenty of time for them to get back on track but the possibility is not what we want. Mike Boone would get the start. Don’t get me wrong, he is a solid player and did great, but he is not Dalvin Cook or a power back like Mattison. Like stated previously, the defenses weakest link is the CB’s, that is okay when playing the likes of 3rd sting QB’s, but not when it comes to one of the greatest to play the game of football. Aaron Rodgers will find away to burn the CB’s every play if Zimmer doesn’t figure something out. Now I know I talked about how great Cousins has been, but this is a Monday Night Game and Cousins is 0-8 on Monday nights. That is a ridiculously bad stat line. He just hasn’t performed great in big/need to win games. Will this time be different? Hopefully.

The Vikings overall, have been a top 10 team this year. Yes, they have hit their fair share of bumps in the road, but what team hasn’t? I mean the Ravens lost the the Browns, so why is it such a big deal Minnesota has lost a few game? They are a powerful team and have the components to beat Green Bay. A lot of people have been doubting Minnesota all season and they have proven them wrong time and time again, so you know what, keep doubting them and lets see where they take us! SKOL!

Green Bay vs Minnesota: Playoff Underdogs Square off for the Division

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