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2019 Fantasy Football Week 16 Start/Sit Part 2

2019 Fantasy Football Week 16 Start/Sit Part 2

The season is ending, and it’s time to tweak your roster. The playoffs are here and it’s time to make some tough choices to try and bring home the win. Its time to take a look at the positions that could push you over the top this week.


Jason Witten – DAL -TE:

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Witten returned from the booth this year and has proven that he still had what it takes to play the game at a high level. He has shown to be a viable option for Dak to throw to and has had some decent games this year. Heading into this week’s big division game against the Eagles the Cowboys will be out to prove that they deserve the playoff spot. The Eagles defense has been pretty poor against the pass this year, but one of the bright spots of their defense has been covering TEs. Currently, the Eagles are giving up 7 points a game to the position. Witten has also been sharing targets with Jarwin, who has shown that he has a little more speed than the veteran. This game is going to be a battle but I think that with the Eagles poor secondary that there are not going to be a ton of TE targets with huge upside. I would try to find an alternative option to Witten this week.


Jacob Hollister – SEA- TE:

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The Seahawks have been having a good year so far. They have battled a lot of injuries on their roster this year one of the biggest at TE. Hollister has looked to take over the position and has shown that he is a good fit for this offense. The Seahawks will be facing the Cardinals at home this week, so this should be a good matchup for Hollister. Arizona has been very poor at covering the TE position this year, and currently, they are giving up 15.7 points a game to the TE position. With the Seahawks run-heavy offense and playing to keep the top seed in the NFC, I expect that they are going to dominate this game. I expect that Hollister could have a big role to play ensuring that the Seahawks win.


Saints D/ST-

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The Saints are heading into Nashville to face a Titans team that is still trying to make the playoffs. The Saints’ defense has been dominant at times this year. They have had some injuries on the line since the game against SF, and they have not looked quite as good since. With this game being outside, I think the Saints offense may struggle. With the Saints facing a team desperate to prove that they should be a playoff team this year I expect that they will come out strong. I would avoid starting the Saints D/ST this week in this matchup.


Chargers D/ST-

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The Chargers have not had the season that they were hoping for. They were thought to be a playoff contender this year but they struggled to find consistency. The Chargers’ defense had some injuries at the beginning of the year that hurt them. Now that they have gotten some guys back from injuries they have looked like the strong defense they were expecting to have this year. Although the Chargers are eliminated from the playoffs they have a big game against the Raiders this week. The Chargers have a shot at making sure their division foes also don’t make the playoffs. This game could also be Phillip Rivers’s last home game. I expect that the Chargers will come out energized and ready to play hard. I would start the Chargers unless I have a much better D/ST in front of them.

2019 Fantasy Football Week 16 Start/Sit Part 2

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