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Packers vs Vikings Preview: The Game that Could Make or Break your Fantasy Championship

Packers vs Vikings Preview: The Game that Could Make or Break your Fantasy Championship

The Green Bay Packers clinched a playoff spot last week after their win against Chicago. Now they travel to Minneapolis to take on the Minnesota Vikings in a crucial divisional matchup. This is the biggest game of season for each team. If the Packers win they lock up the NFC North Division. The Vikings are undefeated at home this season (6-0). They feed off the energy from the home crowd and Kirk Cousins has been playing at the highest level in his career. 

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Play Off Scenarios

Packers: if they beat Minnesota then they clinch the NFC North and have a chance at being the 1, 2, or 3 seed once the playoffs begin 
If the Packers lose to the Vikings they still have a chance to clinch the division with a win in Week 17 against the Detroit Lions 

Vikings: if they beat Green Bay they clinch a playoff spot and have the potential to win the division. The only way that happens though is if Green Bay were to also lose in Week 17 to Detroit. If that happens then the Vikings would be guaranteed a spot in one of the top 3 seeds. 
If the Vikings lose they still have a chance to clinch a playoff spot. The Los Angeles Rams would need to lose to San Francisco 49ers this week in order for that to happen. 
The Vikings could miss the playoffs entirely if they lose their Week 16,17 matchups and the Rams win their Week 16,17 matchups. 

Here is a look at the entire playoff picture:

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Outlook for the Game

There was a slightly funny exchange of interviews this week between the Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer and Aaron Rodgers. Zimmer was asked about the game and he said in a jokingly manner that he’s tired of playing Rodgers so many times, “he needs to leave the division or someone needs to convince him to retire”. Rodgers was told about what Zimmer said and he responded with “tell him to retire” with a smirk on his face. Then he went on to say that Zimmer is one of the best coaches in the league and he’s a tactician on defense. So the amount of respect between the two is high for one another and they both know that the game on Monday night will be a hard fought battle.

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One thing that does benefit the Packers is the injuries going on in the Vikings backfield. Cook and Mattison are both hobbled and it looks like neither of them are in line to play. Cook has been a monster all season long, the Vikings may miss him and his 1,350 and 13 rushing TDs. Not to mention what he does with screen passes too. 

The Packers truly do have their work cut out for them this week especially being the underdog. They will likely have to try and win this one through the air because the Vikings are ranked 20th in the league in pass defense. Davante Adams will be crucial to the success of the offense. One thing that is lacking for Green Bay is that there has been no emergence of a number 2 wide receiver. MVS seems to be a deep ball threat but isn’t too reliable. Geronimo has regressed in his production as the season has gone on. Lastly, Allen Lazard (who’s listed as the no. 2 WR) is a very up and down player as well. One of these players is going to have to come through for the Packers and step up in a big way. 

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The way I see this one playing out is how most of the divisional games have gone this season. The game will be close and both teams will have a chance to win heading into the fourth quarter but I do think the Vikings defense is too much for the Packers in this one. Packers have struggled against good pass rushing football teams in 2 of their 3 losses this season. 

Fantasy Outlook


Packers: QB Aaron Rodgers, RB Aaron Jones, WR Davante Adams

Vikings: QB Kirk Cousins, WR Adam Thielen, WR Stephon Diggs, RB Mike Boone (only if Cook and Mattison are out) 


Packers: Jimmy Graham, Geronimo Allison 

Vikings: RB Alexander Mattison ( if he plays, and he might be limited because of injury), TE Kyle Rudolph

Surprising Performance 

Packers: WR Marquez Valdez Scantling 
Vikings: RB Ameer Abdullah

Packers vs Vikings Preview: The Game that Could Make or Break your Fantasy Championship

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