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Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings Week 17 Preview

Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings Week 17 Preview

It has been a tough week for Minnesota fans. The Vikings dropped to 10-5 on the season with a loss to Green Bay. The game didn’t mean much as the Vikings already clinched a playoff spot, but losing to a Rival, in your own home, is not something we are used to. That was Aaron Rodgers first win in US Bank Stadium. We lost some key players and Minnesota’s offense just couldn’t do anything. The final game of the regular season is against our second biggest rival in the Monsters of the Midway. Chicago will be coming to Minnesota on Sunday and are only playing for pride at this time. Since the Vikings can’t get a better playoff spots, now would be a good time to rest some starters.

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For this weeks injury report as of Thursday, Minnesota has a few players on it. Eric Kendricks (Linebacker) was the only one who did not participate. He is dealing with a quadriceps injury. Dalvin Cook (Running Back) and Alexander Mattison (Running Back) were limited with a shoulder and ankle injury. Xavier Rhodes (Corner Back) with an ankle injury, Shamar Stephan (Defensive Tackle) with a knee injury, and Jayron Kearse (Safety) with a foot injury were all fully practicing.

The Green Bay game, in which Minnesota lost 23-10, is one to learn from. The defense did great on defending the pass. They are ranked 16th in the league for pass defense. Aaron Rodgers was 26-40, 216 yards, and an interception. So Rodgers did not get into the end zone. The Run Defense, ranked 14th, was a different story. Aaron Jones had 154 rushing yards on 23 attempts. They had 184 total rushing yards. The Defense looked lost trying to stop the run. It didn’t help that we lost Eric Kendricks for half the game, but the next man up can not allow that. Kendricks recovered 2 fumbles and is just a beast of a player. He is tied with Harrison Smith as the most electric player on the Defense, in my opinion. He is just everywhere and we desperately need a healthy Kendricks in the playoffs. The Interception by Anthony Harris was fantastic! He just snatched it out of nowhere! Harris has become an asset to the Vikings Defense and shows it week after week as that was his 6th interception on the year. I don’t think anyone thought he would have that kind of impact. He is someone offenses need to really account for now. Rhodes is still a lost cause right now. No matter how much he apologizes, he has got to step up. He needs to play to his contract. He is hurting us badly at this point. It seems like it is either a big play made on him, or he has penalty and gives up a bunch of yards. The whole team has been struggling with penalty’s and Mike Zimmer needs to clean that up.

The Vikings offense failed at every phase. They could not get the run going, which is unfortunate as they are ranked 7th for running. Mike Boone only had 28 yards on 11 attempts. Ameer Abdullah had 27 yards on 4 attempts. They just couldn’t get anything going the whole game. The offensive line is doing better then in recent years, but they need to draft a few this year to make an impact. Pat Elflein has been a let down after a promising rookie year. They switched him back to his normal guard position hoping for a turn around, but he has been dreadful. He just hands out penalty’s to the other team. O’Neill has been a bright spot. He doesn’t make mistakes and is a big guy and makes the blocks.

They got one touchdown which was a beautiful pass to Diggs. That was the only pass that Cousins had all night that really made him look good. His passes were all over the place. He missed open receivers all night. Also lets not forget the great Diggs pass to Cousins….that was missed by a few yards. Cousins really did try to catch the ball though, so some credit is due. Now this game wasn’t all Captain Kirk’s fault, but he definitely didn’t help. He absolutely needs to get over this Big game/ Monday night football problem. He will not have a job in the NFL in 3 years if he does not learn to win when he needs to. 0-9 on Monday nights is a ridiculously bad stat. Cousins just needs to do what he does best and play. Don’t worry about the stats and play. He is a good QB, he could even be considered elite for this generation if he won those big games, but he isn’t and hasn’t. The Vikings will get nowhere in the playoffs if they play like that again.

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The Chicago game would be a great time to see what they have in some other players. I think they should let Sean Mannion play for some of the game so we can see what he has to offer. I know he isn’t starting material but he doesn’t really have any first offense playing experience, and with the playoffs, I would like him more prepared. I think they should let Boone play again and let him get more comfortable with the offense. Treadwell and Johnson should get some passes their way to see if they can make more plays. As much as I hope they get payback for the week 4 game, I would rather see a close game and have their other players play. It will be a good rival game either way. SKOL!

Chicago Bears vs Minnesota Vikings Week 17 Preview

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