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Ron Rivera Hired by the Washington Redskins & the Fantasy Football Implications

After a 0-5 start, this season the Redskins and Jay Gruden parted ways. This was no surprise after Gruden even talked about having to win the division to keep his role with the team. The Redskins have struggled to perform up to expectations under Gruden and the talent that was on their roster never seemed to explode into a great success. The Redskins have also relieved Bruce Allen their president from his current role. These are both signs that the Redskins are trying to change the current trend. Over the last half of the season, the Redskins started to look like an improved team and that some of their young talents were ready to impress. Looking into 2020 what could these changes mean for the organization and the fantasy value of the players there?

Ron Rivera

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Rivera was let go from his head coaching job for the Panthers this year. He had been with the Panthers since 2011 as their head coach. It was reported that Rivera is going to be the next head coach for the Redskins heading into 2020. For the first part of his head coaching career, Rivera was a conservative play-caller and almost always took the safest option in terms of his team winning the game. Rivera has been known recently as “Riverboat Ron” for his willingness to gamble with calls that are a gamble. I think that with how many teams are using analytics now to help make their decisions that Rivera has embraced the opportunity to take lower risk chances to help his team improve their chances of winning. So the big questions are heading into 2020 what will this mean for the Redskins?

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Rivera started his career off as a defensive coach and made a name for himself with the Bears and the Eagles. He showed he was able to develop talent and get great performances from his players. I think this means the Reskins are going to have a much-improved defense heading into the 2020 season. The Redskins already have some good talent on the defensive side of the ball, but if Rivera wants to change the scheme or get different players, he has a chance to change the roster around with the draft and offseason starting soon. I think this is going to help the Redskins stay competitive in more games next year and not have to play from behind as much.

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On the offensive side of the ball, I expect that Rivera is going to help them improve. I think he is going to help his QBs learn the new offense and he will go with the player that will be the best option for him. He will have a lot of good talent to choose from between Keenum and Haskins. There is also an outside chance that Alex Smith will be back in 2020 which could add another good QB to the roster. I think that Haskins showed that he will need some work before he is ready to be a full-time starter. It is something to watch in the offseason and see if he is catching into Rivera’s scheme. In the backfield, the Redskins will still have Thompson, Peterson, and Guice. I think that the line is going to be a focus in the offseason to make sure that the QB is protected and that the RBs have space. I think that Rivera can use all 3 of these guys in the backfield. If Guice can get healthy again over the break I think he has a good shot at being the starting back for the Redskins again, but his health has always been a question with the injuries he has amassed since coming into the league. I think Rivera will focus on getting the RBs in space so they can use the skills best suited to them to make a big play. The WR core could also see a jump in performance under Rivera. With a more cohesive offense, especially up front, the WR could make a huge jump. I think that F1 could take a huge step forward heading into his second season and could be the number 1 WR for the Redskins. Rivera’s offenses recently have had a good balance of taking shots down the field and getting open in space underneath. I think that the pass-catchers in his new offense could have a chance to shine in 2020. Ultimately it will all come down to how fast the team can learn Rivera’s playbook, and get accustomed to his coaching style. I think that he will be respected and liked by his players heading into the new year, and I think that the Redskins will be a much-improved team from this year under Rivera.

Ron Rivera Hired by the Washington Redskins & the Fantasy Football Implications

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