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Chiefs Awaiting Their Next Opponent

The NFL Playoffs have arrived and its looking like there is going to be some interesting match-ups starting in the Wildcard round. Thanks to the Chiefs (12-4) beating the Chargers (5-11) and the Dolphins (5-11) beating the Patriots (12-4) last Sunday, the Chiefs gained the advantage of being the second seed in the AFC playoff picture. With that seeding, the Chiefs will be getting rest while seeds 3-6 will be trying to earn a spot in the divisional round.

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The Chiefs will be awaiting their next opponent to come to Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday January 12th. That opponent will be either the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills or the Houston Texans. The Chiefs are familiar with two of those teams (Texans, Patriots) having already played them. Regardless, the Chiefs will use this extra week to work on the basics and try to plan ahead for all three of those teams so that they have the upper hand game-plan wise.

It was evident that the Chiefs were very happy that they were able to secure the AFC’s second seed, hearing from the whole team and Andy Reid. Getting to play at home in the divisional round of the playoffs is no joke, sure beats having to travel somewhere and try to beat a good team in front of their home crowd in which the Chiefs have done a nice job this season, going 6-1. Nothing beats the ability to play in Arrowhead Stadium though and having your own fans have your back when it truly matters.

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This Chiefs team is riding a huge six game winning streak and is considered one of the hottest teams in the league. They have found a way to really become a very balanced team on both sides of the ball, making them extremely dangerous and considered to be one of the favorites to make a serious run for the right to be called the Super Bowl Champions. Last season the Chiefs made it to the AFC Championship game in Kansas City and it slipped through their finger tips, the Chiefs have improved and is believed to be a much better team than last season. This time around they will look to take advantage of what is in front of them and take care of business.

Make sure to tune into the wildcard round of the playoffs this weekend, to see who the Chiefs will be taking on in Kansas City the following week. Whoever they face, it is going to be a show at Arrowhead Stadium. Here’s to the Chiefs taking their battle tested team to the final dance and hope that all the hard work that was done this season comes to a close where we can call them the Super Bowl Champs.

Chiefs Awaiting Their Next Opponent

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