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Malcolm Jenkins: PAY THAT MAN!

During the Summer, a lot of drama was centered around Malcolm Jenkins and his no show to OTA’s as the rumor started about wanting a new contract extension. In spite of that, Jenkins was a full participant in both mini & training camp continuing to lead by example with his leadership, versatility and off the field work. When Jenkins came to the team after the 2013 season in free agency, I had my doubts considering I wanted Jairus Byrd or TJ Ward over the former Saints safety. When we signed Jenkins he was apart of the Saints defense that came off one of the worse statistical defenses in league history. However 6 years has passed and I’m willing to admit I was wrong. Both Ward and Byrd are out of the league and Jenkins has made two pro bowls, an all pro in 2015, and helped the Eagles win a Superbowl in 2017. Still at 32 years old Jenkins is still having a very good season and has helped the Eagles get to the playoffs for the 3rd straight year in a row.
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Which brings me to my next point; if there was any doubt to giving Jenkins the contract extension and the security needed to stay and retire a Philadelphia Eagle, the doubt is gone. Since coming to the team in 2014, Malcolm Jenkins has played 6,754 of 6,845 possible defensive snaps and also played on 933 special snaps as well. Since the 2017 playoffs started Jenkins became the new Iron man for the Eagles and hasn’t missed a snap on defense since the Atlanta game and hasn’t missed a game since coming here in 2014. From playing his natural safety role, playing a 3rd LB in a nickel set, covering the slot and even making tackles on special teams, Jenkins has been the Eagles Swiss army knife for years now and he hasn’t slowed down.

Jenkins is also one of two safeties that have recorded 13 or more interceptions and 10 or more force fumbles since 2013 the other one is his teammate Rodney McLeod. Malcolm also hasn’t missed a start since coming to the Eagles. This Sunday will be Jenkins 102nd start which is the longest out of any Philadelphia Eagle on this roster.  Considering all the injuries the Eagles roster has sustain over the last 3 years, the assurance of not only having one of your most important players not on the injury report but still playing at a high level at age 32, is a relief to every Eagles fans.
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Malcolm Jenkins has been the only consistent player from playing level, to health and leadership. He’s been the vocal leader in the locker that has been missing on this defense since Brian Dawkins left 10 years ago. The Eagles have a chance to do the right thing which is make sure your leader of your defense retires with your team. When it comes to doing right by your mainstays the Eagles under Howie and Pederson have done that but it has in ways hurt the team but with Jenkins staying healthy, playing still a top ten safety level and helping out the younger guys on the team to his teammates in the secondary to even staying after practice to help out Greg Ward, Jenkins has earned it. Sunday the Eagles are playing with house money against the Seahawks considering most analyst do not like their chances to win and that Wilson has never lost a game against the Eagles. However the last time around, Jenkins and company held Wilson to only 200 yards passing one TD, one INT and a fumble. With all the going wrong for the Eagles and not the tide has turned into a home playoff game a lot of due to the leadership on the team. Not just to Carson Wentz but to Jenkins on the defensive side of the ball. Jenkins has earned himself a new contract and in the words of Deion Sanders: PAY THAT MAN!

Malcolm Jenkins: PAY THAT MAN!

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