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Packers Play the Waiting Game

After narrowly escaping the Detroit Lions with a win in Week 17 the Packers earned themselves a bye for the first week of the playoffs. It was an ugly victory but the Packers did what they needed to do and in the end Mason Crosby came through with a time expiring field goal. 

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There are three teams the Packers could end up playing at Lambeau field next week. They are the Saints, the Eagles, or the Seahawks. The Vikings cannot be played because they are the 6 seed and the 1 seed plays the lowest remaining seed.The Packers are familiar with one of the three opponents and that is the Eagles. They played once earlier this year on a Thursday night where the Eagles bested the Packers in a very entertaining game. 

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In this off week the Packers will have the opportunity to get a little healthier and add some new plays to the playbook on both sides of the football. There have been two situations this season where the Packers should have come out and played a great game but ending up with a head scratching performance. The first situation was mentioned earlier and that was the win against the Detroit Lions. All week Matt LaFleur said the Packers are treating that Week 17 game like a playoff game. So you would think the Packers would have came out on fire and not struggled. Instead they got into a 17-3 hole and were barely able to recover. 

The second head scratching situation takes us back to the game against the San Francisco 49ers. A game that Packer fans will try to forget but the loss was so ugly that they cannot. The reason this game is labeled as a questionable situation was that the Packers had an entire week to put a game plan together and prepare for that Niners team. I know the Niners are an amazing team and solid all the way around but the Packers still should’ve put up some kind of a fighting chance. That game was over by the second quarter. 

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Hopefully the Packers and their coaching staff learn from those mistakes and correct their wrongdoings they had during these two situations. If I were a betting man I would bet the Packers will most likely be playing the 3 seeded Saints in next week’s game. The Saints have been rolling. Drew Brees is playing at very high level over the last month. He’s had 15 TD passes to 0 interceptions. The Packers will need to prepare and be ready for a high powered offense. 

Whoever the Packers play it won’t be an easy task. The one thing to keep in mind is that the Packers are two wins away from the big game in Miami. Aaron Rodgers has won in the playoffs before and it would be a great feeling for Packer fans everywhere to start off the new decade with the Lombardi Trophy coming home. 

Packers Play the Waiting Game

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