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Mike McCarthy to Dallas & The Fantasy Football Implication

After ten seasons in Dallas, Jason Garrett has been relieved of the head coaching job for the Cowboys. The cowboys have a loaded roster and they just have not been playing up to their potential in the eyes of their owner Jerry Jones. It was a strange shift into the offseason for the Cowboys as they did not immediately remove Garrett from his position publicly until they had already begun to interview for the head coaching position. After a short search, it appears that the Cowboys found their new head coach in Mike McCarthy.

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McCarthy was a strong candidate for a head coaching position headed into the 2020 season. He had a strong career in Green Bay where he made the playoffs in nine of his twelve full seasons in Green Bay. During a few of these playoff runs the Packers beat the Cowboys and the Super Bowl that the Packers won was in Dallas. Jerry knew that McCarthy was a great coach and gave him the situation that worked best for both parties since the contract that he signed was for five years. With this type of investment, it appears that both parties are planning to stick together for the long term.

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Heading into 2020 this could mean that the Cowboys are going to live up to their potential but how will things change is yet to be seen. As McCarthy is still assembling his coaching staff it will be interesting to see who he surrounds himself with. McCarthy has been an offensive coach in the league, and he has the strategy to win games consistently. He was a QB coach in the league before he became a head coach so he has shown that he knows how to develop talent. This could very well mean that Dak is going to leap forward in his game. Obviously with a new head coach the scheme and offense are going to change, but under McCarthy, I think that Dak is going to be able to catch on quickly and develop his pocket efficiency. The Cowboys already have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL so there is a good foundation for them to start with.

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The Cowboys also have one of the best RBs in the league in Ezekiel Elliot. There was a holdout at the beginning of this season, but after coming back he looked like he was ready to play and was successful for most of the year. He was not the fantasy monster that he usually is but he still was able to have a few big games and help his team win games. In his absence, Pollard, the young talent, made some moves and showed that he could be a vital asset in the Cowboys’ future success. The Cowboys have a very good backfield and under McCarthy, I expect that they are going to continue to run the ball successfully and feed Zeke the ball a lot. Zeke could be in for a big year if the Cowboys can get rolling under McCarthy right away. The biggest area that I think the Cowboys will improve heading into next season is their WR and TEs. With McCarthy’s experience with QBs, I think that the Cowboys could turn into a huge threat in the NFC. With the ability to open the passing game a little bit more there could be a lot of targets to go around. Currently, the Cowboys have Cooper, Gallup, and Cobb as the primary receivers. Cobb could be a real asset to the growth of the team under McCarthy since he has experience with him as a head coach. This could mean that the receiving core is going to be able to adapt to the new system quicker than normal. If the Cowboys can get all of the high-profile players up to speed under McCarthy I think that the Cowboys offense is going to be extremely explosive. As a fantasy manager, I would look forward to rostering some of these guys in the hopes that under McCarthy the Cowboys are going to be an explosive offense that is going to score a lot of points.

Mike McCarthy to Dallas & The Fantasy Football Implication

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