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Minnesota VS San Fransisco: An Underdogs Road to Victory

Minnesota VS San Fransisco: An Underdogs Road to Victory

What a game the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints put on for us last Sunday. The Vikings played like I haven’t seen in a long time. It seemed like all the stars had finally aligned for Minnesota and they took advantage of it. Yes, they made a few mistakes, but in the long run, they made more winning plays then not, and that is why Minnesota came out on top in the 26-20 Win in overtime.

Image Credit #33 Dalvin Cook running through the Saints Defense.

Injury Report

Let’s talk injury report. Jayron Kearse (Safety) Is doubtful with a knee/toe injury. Mackenzie Alexander (Cornerback) is out with a knee injury, and is likely out the rest of the year. Stefon Diggs (Wide Receiver) did not practice due to illness. Should be ready for game time. Adam Thielen (Wide Receiver) is questionable with an ankle injury.

Jayron Kearse is a solid defensive player and it will be unfortunate if he is unable to play. Alexander has been a quite, yet important part of our defense so that is unfortunate news. Adam Thielen is doing everything he can to play. Without him, our offense is not the same, and going up against the 49ers this week, we need all our offensive weapons.

Game Recap

The Vikings vs the Saints was an incredibly high energy game. Both teams gave it everything they had and more. Minnesota’s defense finally decided to show up and put up an incredible game. The unit was playing like they were back in 2017, even without some of their starters. Andrew Sendejo (Safety) was playing slot corner, and he pretty much held his own. He only had 1 day to prepare for that position. He is a key player and I am glad he is back with Minnesota. They held Drew Brees (Quarterback) to 26/33 completions, 208 yards, 1 TD, and 1 Interception. Considering Brees is considered one of the all time greats, that is impressive. Brees seemed lost throughout the game and couldn’t get his throws where he wanted. He was sacked 3 times and was getting pressured on most plays. Minnesota’s front line has been the best in the league for pressures, and they showed it there. The best throw of the game came from their 3rd string QB Taysom Hill, who is an absolute beast by the way. Xavier Rhodes (Corner Back) was matched up with Micheal Thomas (Wide Receiver) most of the game and only let him get 70 yards. That’s not bad considering Thomas is the best in the league and Rhodes has been an issue all year. Overall this Defense was the best they have been all year, and if they play like that against San Fransisco, San Fransisco has something to worry about.

Image Credit #82 Kyle Rudolph with the game winning catch!

The Vikings offense had its ups and downs, but ultimately gave them the win. Kirk Cousins (Quarterback) was 19-31, 242 yards, and 1 TD. Some of his throws were a bit off, but then he delivered some perfect bombs. The 43 yard pass through the air to Adam Thielen (Wide Receiver) was beautiful. Just far enough where the defenders couldn’t grab it, but Thielen was still able to fall into it. Thielen had a day with 7 catches for 129 yards. He had been waiting to go off since he got hurt. Dalvin Cook (Running Back) had an okay day. He had 94 rushing yards on 28 attempts. Alexander Mattison (Running Back) only had 20 yards, but boy does he hit hard. Anytime he is trying to get a first down, you hear his shoulder pads hit from your living room. He is a great weapon. Overall the Offense did good with the position they had. Their almost downfall was the play calling. Now, I like Kevin Stefanski, he has done some great things to this offense and I believe he has made it the best offense Minnesota has had since the Brett Favre era, but there are still some questionable calls. The Saints saw the double hand off to Diggs from a mile away. Just little things like that. Going into overtime, everyone was nervous for Minnesota’s Offense. They have a history of not pulling through in the spotlight. They managed to prove everyone wrong, as did Kirk Cousins. I have been hard on Captain Kirk, but he did it. He marched them down the field and threw a nice pass to ole reliable Kyle Rudolph (Tight End) to end the game in overtime. It was a fantastic play. I am excited to see what their offense has in store for the 49ers defense.

Game Preview

Minnesota vs San Fransisco is going to be a great game. Two great teams battling it out. Both these teams have great defenses and an offense who can lead the way if need be. Minnesota came into the playoffs as the 6th seed of the NFC and beat the 3rd seed New Orleans. San Fransisco is starting their playoff journey as the 1st seed. It is not often the 6th seed beats the 1st seed, but Minnesota has proven that they are here to beat the odds. They weren’t even supposed to be in the playoffs at the begging of the season, and here we are. Kyle Shanahan is a great young coach and is looking to prove his young team, but Mike Zimmer is here to show that his team is different then in past years. What a great coaching match up.

Jimmy Garoppolo is a solid QB in my opinion. I think he gets a lot of unnecessary hate. He learned under the best and has helped turn the 49ers from a win less team, to a Super Bowl Contender. Garoppolo went 3,979 yards, 27 TD with 13 Interceptions. Minnesota is going into this game as underdogs and are ready to prove themselves. Kirk Cousins is proving that he can be reliable and is trying to change his name. Cousins went 3,603 yards with 26 TD’s and 6 Interception on the year. The offense could potentially be without Thielen, and this would be a huge loss. When Thielen, Diggs, and Cook are all out on the field, there is something special. Let’s see what Mike Zimmer has planned. SKOL!

Image Credit #8 Kirk Cousins Celebrating the game winning play!

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Minnesota VS San Fransisco: An Underdogs Road to Victory

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