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Will the Chiefs get to the AFC Championship Game?

The Chiefs got to sit out the wildcard round of the playoffs and gear up for the divisional round. While watching the games from last weekend, the Chiefs found out that they were going to play the Houston Texans after an exciting game against the Buffalo Bills in Houston.

This match-up will be round two between these AFC teams, with the Chiefs hoping to have better results. The Texans were able to overcome Arrowhead stadium and get the win in week six. After that Texans loss, this Chiefs team has really turned it on. Other than the weird Titans game, the Chiefs have not lost a game and are riding a six game winning streak.

Both these teams have had their ups and downs this season. The Chiefs started off the season hot but really cooled down in the middle of the year when they had a 6-4 record. After that the Chiefs went on a tear, cruising to a 12-4 record and securing the number two seed in the playoffs.

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The Texans have looked great at times with wins against quality opponents but have looked awful at times with embarrassing performances against the Ravens and Broncos. With Deshaun Watson as their QB, they always have a chance to do something special as shown in last weeks performance against the Bills in the wildcard round.

There are a lot of people worried for the Chiefs in this game due to the results of the previous match up between the two teams. This Chiefs team is way different than it was it week six as they are no longer one sided and have turned themselves into a well balanced football team. This defense has turned a corner, and is more equipped to make a deep playoff run. The Chiefs have several players back from injury that wasn’t available during their last match-up. Most notable would be Chris Jones, Sammy Watkins, and Eric Fisher. Frank Clark was only playing around 50 to 60 percent at the time and Tyreek Hill was on a snap count trying to come back from a collarbone injury.

Keys to this game that the Chiefs have to get done to move onto the AFC Championship game, they have to be better against the run. Last time these teams meet up, the Texans ran the ball all over this Chiefs defense. Having a much improved defense and some guys back healthy could help with that challenge. Next, attack this Texans secondary, the Texans rank 29th against the pass this season. The Chiefs rank 5th in the NFL at throwing the ball, therefore, the Chiefs have a favorable match-up. The Chiefs have to take advantage of this and get their play makers (Kelce, Hill, Hardman, Watkins) involved. Finally, the Chiefs has to keep the foot on the pedal. The previous match-up had the Chiefs up 14-0 early and the Chiefs then stalled and ended up losing the game. If the Chiefs play their game for the entirety of the 60 minutes, they have a very good chance at moving onto the AFC Championship game.

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The playoffs brings out incredible performances while also seeing who can handle being under the lights. The pressure of the playoffs is like no other and we shall see how this years Chiefs team can handle it. They have their goals set high and anything that is not a Super Bowl Championships is going to be considered a failure. This Chiefs team has learned and has said to be still upset with how last season ended. Lets hope that they use that as fuel to get them to their goal of being called the Super Bowl Champions.

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Will the Chiefs get to the AFC Championship Game?

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