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Recapping and Ranking all 5 of Patrick Mahomes Touchdowns Throws Against the Texans

Darkest Before the Dawn

This past Sunday the Chiefs pulled off something incredible and mounted a comeback for the ages , but not before it got ugly. The Texans were up 21-0 with 11:46 left in the second and Deshaun Watson had the football in Chiefs territory. The game had gotten ugly FAST, the chiefs needed life. Then after a 8 yard completion , the Texans faced a 4th and 1 on the chiefs 12 yard line. Watson led his offense to the line of scrimmage, ready to attempt a conversion. Texans Head Coach Bill o Brian called a timeout and proceeded to bring his special teams unit onto the field and settle for a field goal. The Texans did extended their lead to 24-0, but the defense ultimately got the stop and held Watson to just 3 instead of seven.

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Little did the Texans know that stop was all the chiefs needed to get hot. On the ensuing kickoff, Chiefs Wide out Mecole Hardman returned it for a massive 58 yard gain. That was all the chiefs needed to get back into the game. The Chiefs proceeded to score touchdowns on their next 7 possessions to win the game 51-31, 5 of which came on Patrick Mahomes touchdown passes. His performance inspired me to go back and re-watch the game and rank his touchdown drives.

#5 – 5 yard TD pass to Travis Kelce (3 plays, 33 yards, :23 seconds)

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The Drive: Coming off the heels of a failed fake punt from the Texans, the Chiefs picked up and began their drive at the Houston 33 yard line. The first play was incomplete to Mecole Hardman. On 2nd and 10 Mahomes took a deep shot to Travis Kelce ( a name you’ll be seeing often on this list) to draw a Defensive pass Interference off Cornerback Lonnie Johnson Jr. The penalty brought the Chiefs to the Texans 5.

The Touchdown Pass: On 1st and Goal the Texans bring the heat and cause Mahomes to make some moves to get outside the pocket. He sprints to the right and hits Kecle for the score.

Why Number 5?: I ranked this one number 5 on the account of the massive chunk of yardage gained due to a penalty. Mahomes makes a great play to punish them , but was probably the most normal TD Pass of the day.

#4 – 6 yard TD Pass to Travis Kelce (3 Plays, 6 yards, 1:25)

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The Drive: Before I continue, I want to commend the INCREDIBLE performance from the Chiefs Special teams. This drive was set up by a forced fumble from Safety Daniel Sorensen and return by Running back Darwin Thompson who took it to the Texans 6 yard line. On 1st and Goal Mahomes threw to his trusty tight end Travis Kelce for a 2 yard gain. On the next play, running back Damien Williams gets wrapped up for a loss of 3 yards .

The Touchdown Pass: On 3rd and Goal Mahomes snaps the ball and immediately begins a sprint to the right. Getting chased down by 2 defenders Mahomes delivers another laser to Travis Kelce who fights for the touchdown after being surrounded by defenders.

Why Number 4?: While it was nearly identical to his play ranked at number 5, a sprint to the right to hit a target on the move. What helped my ranking was that on his sprint to hit kelce Mahomes completely burned Defensive end JJ Watt which leaving him completely gassed sitting on the ground. A sight I’m sure we’ll get used to for years to come.

#3 – 17 Yard TD Pass to Damien Williams (2 plays, 42 yards, :59 seconds)

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The Drive: This was the first drive following the electric Mecole Hardman 58 kick return which arrowhead a MUCH needed burst of energy. On 1st and 10 from the Houston 42, Mahomes throws right to hit Kelce for a huge 25 yard gain

The Touchdown Pass: Just one play later Mahomes in shotgun on the Houston 17 hits Running back Damien Williams in stride for a 17 yard touchdown.

Why Number 3?: This is where my placements got a little difficult. The drive was extremely short at just two plays, but was the perfect encapsulation of this Chiefs offense. Capitalizing off a great special return and scoring in short, electrifying fashion.

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#2 – 8 yard TD Pass to Blake Bell. (4 plays, 72 yards, 1:32)

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The Drive: Just before this possession The Texans finally scored after a Watson run into the end zone. Despite that the Chiefs did not let up on the gas. Starting on their own 27, the drive began with Mahomes in the gun (surprise surprise) throwing a 12 yard pass to Travis Kelce who turned it into a 24 yard gain thanks to 12 yards after the catch. The next play had Mecole Hardman on an end around going from right to left using his speed to get another big chunk of yardage. The third play on this drive had Mahomes throw his deepest pass of the day off of an encroachment free play to Sammy Watkins for 28 yards.

The Touchdown Pass: After his longest pass of the day Mahomes goes right back into the gun. On play action Mahomes demonstrates his quick release , hitting Tight end Blake Bell for an 8 yard touchdown.

Why Number 2?: Forget what I said about the last drive being the perfect encapsulation of The chiefs offense. THIS one was it. It was the second longest drive on this list in terms of time of possession. Highlighted by big chunk plays and an end around run from the speedy Mecole Hardman. Also it had the best Stone Cold Steve Austin Steve Austin impression of the weekend From Tackle Eric Fisher.

#1 – 5 yard TD pass to Travis Kelce (8 plays, 90 yards, 2:03)

The Drive: The final drive of the first half had the Chiefs posted up at their own 10 yard line. An incomplete pass from Mahomes was turned into a 15 yard gain thanks to a defensive pass interference call. following the penalty Mahomes throws a touch pass to Tyreek hill who makes a nearly grounded catch, recovers, and turns on the jets for another 10 yards before he’s brought down. An absolutely insane play. Just before the two minute warning the Texans bring the heat causing Mahomes to scramble for a huge 21 yard gain. At this point nothing and no one could stop Number 15. The first play after the two minute warning was some failed trickery, resulting in Sammy Watkins losing 5 yards on the play. Next play had Kelce catch a beautiful 20 yard pass, landing them at the Houston 19. On 1st and 10 the Chiefs O line breaks , forcing Mahomes to scramble again for another 14 yards.

The Touchdown Pass (flip?): After two incomplete passes Mahomes makes, in my opinion, the play of the weekend. On 3rd and goal they run boot to the left , Mahomes approaches the line of scrimmage in the area of 5 defenders and flips it to Kelce just as his back foot crosses the line of scrimmage.

Why Number 1?: If the last two plays were Two great encapsulations of the Chiefs Offense. Then this was that , but just for Patrick Mahomes. He threw it short, he threw it deep, He scrambled. Number 15 did it all. Topping the drive off with a play that only the best of the best could make. The awareness of his placement on the field combined with putting the ball in the only place it could go just shows that we are witnessing something special every time he takes the field.

The Chiefs take on The Titans next Sunday be sure to check back for a preview of that matchup later this week.

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