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FACTS of the 2019 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks 13-24 + Divisional Round Reactions!

24-0 is not safe! On today’s episode Pride and Q recap and discuss the Divisional round of the NFL playoffs and Q tells his story of how all the emotions he felt and the meats he likes when watching the Chiefs game. We discuss all playoff matchups and set the stage for next week’s championships. We then get back into our FACTS series, where we go through quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends and give the FACTS on their season and what their season actually looked like not just the end result showing where they finished. Today Pride and Q discuss the QB 2’s and go 13-24 and break down their finishes on the season, consistency charts, and much more to get a better understanding of each players season and what we can do moving forward in fantasy football. 

Don’t miss debates and discussions on these players and more! Prep your redraft, keeper, and dynasty teams for 2019 with insights you can only get on Time Skew — Fantasy Football Podcast for January 14th, 2020.

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